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I was just fired from Lowe's. Last year I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and missed some time off due to being ill from my treatments.

It wasn't until after I was put on a final for missing work that they agreed to wipe the slate clean because I brought up other situations where employees were allowed to miss more time than me and had been there less time than I. So I had 3 occurrences as they call it since Jan 1 when they said they were wiping the slate clean and I was told that I had more than 5 and I was let go. I still believe I should have never even been on a final. I have cancer I mean really

I know for a fact one other employee was allowed to miss weeks at a time due to anxiety.

Which our H.R had a special arrangement for him. By the way I was told by the Store manager and ASM that they checked for me and I wasn't eligible for FMLA when I was going through treatments.

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You were eligible for intermittent leave. HR and management should have informed you.

File a claim against them. You will win


Yes you were able for FMLA, you HR should have had you apply whit the Reed Group. They handle the FMLA process!!

Your cancer is a reason to be approved for FMLA!!!! It is for serious or chronic conditions