Doylestown, Pennsylvania
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Lowes has blocked my Dr lic for too many returns....the only problem is....I've returned items maybe once or twice in a few years. I told the manager I've spent thousands of $ at his store and he just laughed and said he has contractors that complain all the time.....he didn't seem concerned. He said he had absolutely no way to override the system.

I told him I would not shop at Lowes any longer and he was OK with that.

With the economy as it would think they would focus on customer service. I had planned to spend much more than the amount that I would have gotten on the one little return. I called the 1-800 number to see why I was blocked and they have a recording saying to leave your info and they will get back with you in 2 business days. Again....great customer service???

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We have customers who bring in items in the Home Depot bag, with a Home depot label on it and tell us they got it at Lowe's. I told one customer that we didn't even sell what he swears he got here and he told me that he was going to ram that item in one of my orafices.

I called security and they made him leave.

Even with the wrong receipt, wrong bag and wrong company, I was still an *** and he was never going to shop with us again. GREAT, who wants to put up with hat again any way.


I work at the returns desk. Someone is probably using a fake ID for returns with ur info. Hope you have never lost ur purse/wallet.


Dema is right, so listen to her. Another thing, my brother works for Lowe's and he so many customers get mad and yell at him about how they spend thousands of dollars there in whatever time frame.

IT DOESN'T MATTER. The computer can NOT be overridden according to him.


somethings off there either you're lying or the system isn't working correcting because I've had customers do returns like that multiple times and it take a good number of times and amounts of store credit before you would get denied You have to understand as well that its not a lie when we tell you our system won't let us override something, we literally cannot do the return unless it goes through and if its blocking you dr lic it absolutly will not go through.


I reccomend that you either hold onto your receipts, or put your purchases on a credit card. That way if you loose your receipt the returns cashier can scan your credit card and it will automatically be put back on that card. Good Luck.