Pulaski, Pennsylvania

lowes is worthless, filled with liars, not knowledgeable ,,,twice i bought appliances for two homes,twice the same saleperson made a mistake,lowes did nothing to help,first time wrong style microwave to fit cabinets,that total sale was $3100.00,second time sold me fridge to fit into a spot with cabinets ..it fits the opening,but you cant open doors,,i hire a contractor to resolve problem,since lowes is not helping and i need a fridge for my medicine,,just so happens contractor does work for lowes,,i had to pay him $400.00 to remove old cabinets which cant be used cause of fridge size,,again lowes wont help,,i now have hired a cabinet maker to build cabinet to fit right,,cost $1100.00..lowes wont help and wanted to charge me $2000.00 for a premade cabinet..this aplliance sale for stove,fridge,dishwasher..$6000.00,,lowes are crooks,,no customer service,,dont care about thier customers...lowes home office sends me discount coupons,,my store wont accept saying item is already discounted..

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Come on seriously I love talking to a person at Lowes . They have great employees and great installers.

Have you ever tried to get an install Through HDepot comeon that is a joke in its self ...... I like a store where I can speak to a person with any ?s not a warehouse who says you have to call 1800 #s to get help Lowes fixes any issues right away Thanks Lowes Love it there


I suppose with all that money you spent,that you assumred the people at lowes can look into a crystal ball and tell whether or not you measured wrong. Don't forget, they sold you what you asked for.

As they do for the other 5-10 customers that ordered stuff the same day you were there. Are your needs special or just like everybody else. Sorry, your fault.

If your going to whine about your mistakes then have a buying agent work for you. Maybe your spouse.


we have to go through endless training at lowes and know the product very well but it does not help if the customer does not know their measurements so please dont blame us instead use ur time wisely and measure first


measure your cabinets first before you do anything. its like when we get customers looking for cooler pads.

no size or anything they have all they say is do you know what size my cooler pad is. come on really. than you ask them what kind of cooler they have. oh i dont know.

whats the duct size of the opening of the register. Oh i dont know. how dont the customer know they bought the product. than you ask.

how old is the swamp cooler. oh its like 10 years old. are you being serious these coolers change every 2 to 3 years. some of the customers we get in there are some real winners.

just want always to put the blame on the staff. maybe put the blame on themselves.


Customers need to start being kind yes there are some bad employees but many rude customers


this whining about the fridge not fitting...gee...ya know if you actually take the *** time to measure where the item is supposed to go before making a purchase you'll know what size you can get that will fit...as a delivery person it is very frustrating when a customer says before we even get the item off the truck...hope it fits...


Talk about it .




The first sentence of this guys complaint was RIGHT ON THE MONEY....Until he said he was talking about the Lowe's employee's, and not himself and the other idiotic customers I and over 100,000 associates have to deal with every day @ Lowe's.


if lowes instaled the cabinet then you had to go and sign a contract do you not know what you are signing if they did not install you the customer came in and gave the measrement to the sale person so if it did not fit it is you fault


I agree with you 100%. Lowes hires young adults that don't know much about the products sold there.

I don't shop there anymore. There is a Home Depot right down the street with intelligent employees.


Who did the measuring for the new fridge? You or a sub-contractor for Lowe's? If I read this right you only got new fridge not new cabinets so it seems to me it was your mistake not the salespersons.