London, Kentucky

I have to take care of my mom. My dad passed a few years back.

This loan was to be put in her name, which i have total legal means to do this.[Power of attorney and such]. Anyway my moms home needs major work done on it, since my dad died, mom has had no credit history, simply because about all the credit they had was in my fathers name. Which all creditors have been since payed in full. In other words no bad credit history.

But still this woman must go on. And when i approached lowes, the answer was absolutley not, no way. Please tell me, if you can ,if companys like lowes will not start a new credit line for persons like my mother, how can they continue to survive. I am very disappointed in lowes decision.

I 'm going to try to re-apply again and i hope they will reconsider. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME. W.


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Lowe's credit cards are approved through GE credit. If your mother was turned down, it is probably (as you say) because she has no credit or bad credit.

That is not Lowe's fault. I am sorry that you and your mother are in a difficult financial situation, but you can't expect credit to be extended to a "risky" customer.

Also, if you were applying for a credit card in her name, did you have proof of power or attorney? They won't allow you to apply for a credit card in another person's name without legal proof.


Take Lowe's out of this equation. You go to a store that does not have their own credit card.

What do you? You use your own credit card.

You can't get one because of no credit? So how is that the store's fault?

I'm having problems with Lowe's myself, but this just goes to show that we are raising a generation of whiners.


It is not Lowes fault you dumb ***... The Lowes card is run by GE money! So it is GE that does not like you not Lowes!


So you have bad credit, that's lowes fault how?

Stores/Banks/CC companies are under NO obligation to extend credit to you, *** Lowe's doesn't even have to sell stuff to you if they don't want to.


G.E. Money turned you down, Lowes is just a middle man this isnt a lowes issue


Actually Lowes like Walmart have in store credit lines so it is possible that Lowes and not a bank did turn her down .


Hello? Is anyone there?

Lowes is not a bank. Lowes did not turn you down. The bank that handles credit cards has turned you down. Homebuilder stores like Home Cheapot and Menards sell products.

They are not banks that issue credit cards. I am not a fan of Lowes by any means, but you are in the wrong here when you blame it on Lowes.