Tampa, Florida

I made a big mistake and ordered replacement windows at Lowe's. A disaster!

Lowe's ordered too few windows despite being given a written order; the windows did not arrive when we were told they would, and we have to wait a further 3 weeks to receive the window that they were short. On top of all this the store attitude is "so what". Their store policy must be "hire the handicapped it's fun to watch them work."

I have no idea what has happened in the past few years.

Up till then Lowe's was a fairly efficiet well run store. No longer!

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I enjoy soup. I find it's just right for sitting at home making fun of the handicapped on whiny consumer websites.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #158649

Well you would screw up a soup sandwich as well since it is soup and sandwich not soup sandwich, and it is screw up not screwup. Also what does not getting your order haveing to do with making a soup and sandwich.

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