Leesburg, Florida

I wanted to paint my garage doors and Lowes advised and sold the wrong paint so the paint peeled off.

I paid the painter $20 an hour to paint the doors and now I have to pay him $20 an hour to remove the paint and then re-paint with the correct paint. I hate the fact that the so called expert paint guy at Lowes sells me the wrong paint and now I must suffer the humiliation of having two garage doors that look terrible until I can strip the wrong paint and re-paint. I complained to Lowes with no response or apology.

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Stillwater, Oklahoma, United States #582015

Your painter isn't a painter because he should know the products he is using as well as the application process.

Vancouver, Washington, United States #577731

First of all, I paint for a living and charge more than $20 an hour. I get my paint from numerous paint retailers and I have to say Lowes is one of my favorite places.

There Valspar and Olympic paints are superb. The main thing when painting is the prep. If your painter did not prep correctly than of couse your paint will peel. But what do you expect from someone you probley picked up from outside there parking lot.

Even with *** paint if the prep is done right it will not peel for a few months. I can't believe they diden't try to make things right even if it was your fault. I found out that the employees get bonuses for excellent customer service. They're one of the few places still around that go by the old statment,"The Customer is always right".

Even when there wrong. So I strongly suggest next time hire a Professional Painter and stop being so cheap!


You say you hired a "painter" to paint the doors. Your first problem is you didn't hire a professional painter.

If you had he would have charged more than $20.00 an hour.

He also would have known if the paint you gave him was the proper paint to use on the doosr. Do you even know that he prepared the doors properly and the paint didn't peel off because of the lack of preparation?

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