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Before I start I want to let everyone know that the following review was sent to Lowes and two days later I received an email saying that it was rejected. This is why I am puting my review on this website.

Wow! Where do I start. Oh! I know. Lowes ask me to review this product. I already reviewed it earlier in the week, but did not give it great reviews. Not sure what happened but I think Lowes deleted it because I rated my experience with Lowes so low and the product wasn’t the best. I even emailed Lowes corporate to find out what happened to my review but never received an email back from corporate. I figured if I give it 5 stars this time they may let this review pass. Now here are my true thoughts about Lowes and this product I am going to try to write this up just like the original review.

Lowes – If I had to grade them they would get a “D”. My overall experience with Lowes was a nightmare. I initially ordered this material on line. I paid for it on line knowing exactly what I wanted. My local Lowes showed the material in stock. Two days later I get a call saying they do not have it. To me that is not that big of a deal because I have a month til I start the product. My issue with this is that Lowes tells me they have to do a return on my internet purchase and then I will have to order at the store. I figure okay no big deal. When talking to the sales person on the phone they said they would do a return but it would take 3-4 days. In the meantime I asked if they could order the tile for me. They said yes, but would need me to purchase it. I mentioned that I already did over the Lowes website. They said they needed me to pay in person or over the phone. So now I paid twice for the tile and have nothing. I had to pay so I could get it ordered to have it in time for the first day of laying tile. (I did get my money back for the internet charge). Then for my hassle I asked if they could possibly throw in free delivery the whole across town (5 mile at most). I get a phone call back saying no they could not, but would do it for $25.00 HA HA! Long story short. I finally talked to a gentleman in the tile department who helped me out immensely and got all my issues resolved (two weeks later). If it wasn’t for this gentleman I would have given Lowes a SOLID “F”.

Tile review – The good part – beautiful tile – reasonable price compared to other tiles – Made in the USA. – Now the bad part of the review. I ordered 480 square feet, 10 sq. ft per box. That is 48 boxes. Out of those 48 boxes there was at least one if not two chipped pieces in each box. I can say without a doubt I had over 60 pieces with chips in it. I used most of them where my counters would be going, cut pieces, or in the closet. When I started looking at where these pieces were chipped they were all chipped on the edge approximately 11” from the one end. All tiles that were chipped seemed to be the 4 thru 6 piece in the box. I am not an expert by all means but I would say it had something to do with the machine that was manufacturing this lot this specific day and apparently quality control was not doing their job.

With that said in reality I give this whole experience a 1 ½ star. I was very disappointed with the whole project.

One more thing . I am not one to complain (believe it or not). This is the first review that I have ever written anything negative.

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Just a quick note about ordering on the phone and chipped tile in the box. Most people do not realize that the inventory information that is available on phone orders is updated once a day (at might)so what was available yesterday may not be available today and the order is still taken today.

As for the chipped tile, I recently ordered 350 sq. ft. of Marble and had a similar product loss (partly because it is Marble), some thing that you should know about is that any large retailer is a consumer as well. The product that you received damaged MAY have been damaged by one of Lowe's workers, but it probably happened before they even received the product, and since they were packaged, they had no way of knowing.

BTY, Lowe's has a policy of making customers happy so virtually any purchase is returnable.

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