Edmond, Oklahoma

I live in Edmond,Ok. and have a place at Lake Texhoma.

I have to buy building materials at the Durant store.

If you died in the lumber dept while loading your own lumber it would take days for someone to find you. After having knee surgery and barely able to walk the employees watched me and my wife try to load 2X12's.When we asked for help they scattered like roaches.You need to pay more money or fire their *** .There isn't a Home Depot in the area , you better be glad ,you could lose a lot of customers

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:cry :eek :zzz :upset ;) ;) :grin :roll :( :x :p :p :p :p :upset ;)


:) Next time your in a Lowe's Store and experience the following. ( No Service )

Please ask for the Manager of the Store!

Point out the names of all Associates refusing to help.


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:cry Waaahh! Cry much?


you get the same kind of service at the Muskogee store also!16858