Rock Hill, South Carolina
Not resolved

I am wondering what is going on with the rock hill lowes. I went into the store the other week to make a complaint about the lumber section, wanted to speak directly to the store manager, but was blown off and talk to some flunky other manager, saying the store manager was too busy.

YA RIGHT, too busy to talk to a customer with a complaint on how my lumber was suppose to be there, had asked them to hold it, and it was sold when I got back with my truck, and noone said "sorry" or anything. what is up with this. but my biggest peave is that the store manager would not take time to talk to me...Does not matter now, Home Depot is getting all my business now.

Thanks a lot lowes for caring.HA. HA.

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flunky?? Ha Ha?

Who cares? :p


Tell him about it @ lowesceo(dot)com


Did the manager you spoke with attempt to resolve your issue. Why does it have to be the store manager? It sounds like an MOD and even some department managers could have resolved this complaint.


:? If you a lowes employee, you get a raise no matter what.

If they don't give you a review, the system automatically gives you a raise. It doesn't matter if you are a *** employee, you still get a raise, just not as big. Also, it doesn't matter if you were hired right out of high school to be a manager, you still HAVE TO go through all the training, which also includes going to other stores.

You DO NOT get written up for complaining....if anything, it goes through one ear and out the other. The only way to get fired at any Lowes is if you absolutely do nothing!!!


I worked for Lowe's for 3 years. No raise, no promotions, only head aches.

The managers they promote are fresh out of high school with no training or work experience and it shows. They hire co-workers to fill in the slots for 5 cent more than the steak and shake up the road, again high schoolers and leave you with these people to try and run/close a department. If you complain, you get written up, then eventually, they will find something to axe you with. I have seen it to many times.

No, corperate doesn't care, they have made their money and now its gonna be just like all the other big box store back in the day, just pull in all the money they can for the next 10 years, screw the workers and then sell-out to Wal-mart. The goings on with this company today would kill the original founders 10 times over if they only new. Companies like this one are the reasons why our econonmy is so sluggish, corperate greed and pennies for the workers.

Everyone at corperate turns their head and doesn't want to admit to the stuff going on with this company, hey, why would they...I mean, who would raise a stink about something when they were making $200,000 a year answering phones? Another big box store rip off of a company.