Hardaway, Alabama

Took my money for istallation charges,never showed up,.I begged for my money back...Put my special orders on shelfs twice and then told me they never came in,only for me to go to store and find them...product they carry but no installers..and best of all the extra money you get back at check out...I've come to realize I am a one women person in that store..employees say they don't have it so they can go on thier way....thats life,you gotta love it or go crazy....I personally love it,live it,then will die,only to leave behind for someone eles to deal with....

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Jilove U Prahy, Stredocesky Kraj, Czech Republic #25431

YIKES!!!! Sad, but these types of folks seem to like to hang out @ retail stores. At least in Wal-Mart they blend in easier with the associates.

Ealing, England, United Kingdom #25427


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