Caledonia, Michigan
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I bought a maintenance agreement $330.00 from lowes for a $3000.00 mower. in a year and 10 days the mower failed.

The contract service people have had tne mower for a month. Lowes service people say this is acceptable! There is nothing they can do. What do you think?

All my phone contacts with Lowes 800 number left me pissed. The same story there is nothing we can do,I talker to three levels of management,same response "nothing we can do".

I will never buy a maintenance agreement on any Lowes product again. Would you buy one?

Monetary Loss: $330.

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Lowe's doesn't stand behind the work their contractors do, and their contractors use this to get away with substandard work. I will always hire a real professional after my experience with their garage door opener installer who broke my garage door!

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