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We purchased a new dishwasher and refrigerator from Lowe's almost a year ago. We also purchased extended warranties on each.

I have no complaints with the products themselves as have had no issues. My complaint is with the reimbursement of covered maintenance items. On the refrigerator, we are supposed to get 50% back on the cost of a replacement water filter when purchased at Lowe's. The problem is the many hoops you have to jump through.

First have to call the warranty number, wait on the phone for a minimum of ten minutes. Then after giving all of your information, they will send you an email with a form to fill out. It says should get maintenance reimbursement within 21 business days. The first time I went through this process, I waited a month before I followed up again (again waiting on phone through same process).

I was told that there was a mistake on their end in processing. Fair enough we did get our reimbursement a week or so later. Well now we are six months out again. I purchased a new water filter replacement for the refrigerator at Lowe's.

Called the warranty number again, (again waited forever for someone to pickup). Send me the email link, filled it out again just like before. Stated the same thing, could be 21 days to process. It has been a month.

I just tried calling again and just gave up after ten minutes of the same recorded message. Bottom line is that I am happy with the products and the piece of mind I "think" I am getting with the extended warranty helps. I have had no issues and hope I do not need to exercise the warranty but am concerned with the poor level of service I have seen to date. I am just not happy that something that should be so easy almost seems deliberately more difficult than it needs to be so that people will give up and tire of waiting for reimbursements.

That is my experience. Maybe others have had better luck than myself.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Refrigerator Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $24.

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I had a great experience - called and received an email for the reimbursement service request and then sent in the completed form and register receipt. Two weeks later I had my 50% reimbursement.


Same here! I had to wait months after many frustrating phone calls. Something is just not right!


We have also had the exact same frustrating experience trying to get the 50% reimbursement on water filters. It's a big hassle and you wonder why you even bothered with the coverage in the first place.

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