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magament refused to state discounted price to myself(consumer)and with-in one hour discounted same produce to employee and 80%off;;;when called to task,manager did embarass consumer by stating problem in frount of store with public and stores employees then threathen to not ever give any discounts to this consumer again..public should have same right to dicsounted idems as employee with out retaliation ;relayed store experience to lowes/store in washington pa/manager joe i purchased many idem here and have paid the requested amount in the past ;refrigators ,dishwashers,and microwave,and many other large idems

Monetary Loss: $130.

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The reason you were refused was because he didn't know wth you were talking about. Good grief!

I have reread this 3 times and still don't know wth your talking about.

I would look into spell check and try again."magament"??? Lowes never sold "produce".

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