Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
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This manager that was wearing a blue vest with service manager on it helped us, but when we told him thank you for helping us, he just stayed close by and would not leave us alone and this happen at the Spokane Valley Store and this is not the first time with this person, which we just looked at his name tag and it was a Barry. Now I would like to know why they would keep a person like this around or are they just trying to scare customers away from your store's?

I would much rather go to Home Depot and not get any help than to have someone looking over my shoulder while I shop. Thank You Lowe's for getting Rid of a good customer.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #211745

What are you up to. Unless you are up to something this would not bother you. Probably ruining your plans of shoplifting.


That's the blue vests job...give good customer service. Maybe you look suspicious.

Did he upset your routine? The only customers that complain are usually thiefs.

We would rather get complaints like yours then from not helping at all. Good luck at the homo depot.

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