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6/03/2001 I was on vacation so i decided to go to Lowe's to get acouple of things. I was looking at a Dewalt angle Grinder. It had a price drop $109 to $98 the bind where they should have been was out. I asked an emplee of that department if they had any more he stated to me that they showed none in stock and none on order.

I asked about buying the floor model knowing I could get a good discount on the floor model. The emploee called Gailan Sharp the Administrative Manager to ask about the discount for the floor model she brush hime off quickly with 5% and hung up the phone. He was going to tell her there was no box,no tool to *** disk,no battery. I ask if he would point her out and she was working the customer service desk so i walked over to her a ask if she could do any better than 5% and she said they dont give discounts! I called BS on that they done it plenty of times for me. She stated that I should be glad to get the 5% because she's the one who handles the money and budgeting. She turned her back on me and walked away and what gets me is that she never said sorry or empathized.

All I have to say is that the Administrative manager ,Gailan Sharp of Lowe's Ardmore ,Oklahoma should not be a manager. The only job I would give her is cleaning the bathrooms and at best part time. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS !!!!!!!! WITH ALL THE PEOPLE WITH OUT JOBS AND THIS IS THE BEST YOU CAN DO LOWE'S.. COME ON, REALLY?

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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my husband is building a new house so we went to lowes to buy lumber for the floor. We had a list of everything we needed, i asked an associate in the lumber department and he yust pointed where it was, and basically ignores us, so we had to load all the lumber ourselves the next day my arms where sore from lifting all that heavy lumber.

If we have to load everything ourselves then why are they working there, they should yust have cashiers, over twenty associates passed by us and not a single one helped us. What really made me mad was that they where doing absolutely nothing I could understand if they where busy helping someone else or stocking, they where just talking about their weekend.

I dont understand how they have so many employees with poor customer skills in ardmore oklahoma, lumber department. :(


at least the manager where your from didnt break his wifes arm.

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