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I was in Lowes in Milford,Ohio where I have been a customer ever since the store opened , this was on 2/22/20.I noticed numerous people not wearing masks and I said to one of them I guess you don't need to wear a mask in hear he told me to go home if you don't like it.I said to one of your associates why do you allow people in hear that don't wear a mask ?, got no reply so went to front desk and ask for a manager ,while waiting I said to your associates why do you allow people in hear that don't wear masks,with that your manager came up to me and I asked the same question and told him I have a brother that works in the medical field and reminded your manager the number one thing people can do to help stop the spread is to wear masks ,it was a conversation that could be heard by others,your manager told me to leave the store ,once outside I said your telling me to leave and I wear a masks but it's ok for the people not wearing one to be in your store,he kept telling me to leave and I said what are you going to do call the police, he said yes.So your manager never did answer my question and kicks me out of your store and a threat to call the police .I believe it's a national government mandate for all stores to require customers to wear a mask,then I read your policy you came out in july that all customers be required to wear masks but because of a few incidents in other stores from people who out of ignorance and that they don't care about the health of others have acted in violence you have decided not to enforce your own policy .The state of Ohio should shut that store down, get a backbone and do what is right..Menards will not let anyone in their store that does not have a mask on and I will be telling everyone not to shop at your stores ,the one thing people can do is to wear a mask we have heard this for months this will be on facebook and twitter ,never again will I do business at Lowe's

Location: 5694 Romar Drive, Milford, OH 45150

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Listen Tommy, the staff in these stores have better things to do than advocate for you and get in a fight with a slab who isn't into masks. Do you think they pay them enough to crusade for you?

No, they don't. You must have gone into your nut act if you had to be asked to leave the store. Why don't you step to these maskless people and flip out on them? Wonder what your brother would think as you're wheeled in after being knocked out.

It's a shame some won't comply but to expect others to fight your fight and risk life and limb is just stupid on your behalf. You probably should stay home.....


I was not in a nut act I was being loud for a purpose ,I did not flip out ,Lowe's never did say why they did allow those in the store without a mask.What you fail to understand it is a mandate to wear masks in stores by the state of ohio ,Each store will be responsible for ensuring customers and employees are wearing masks and take additional measures to ensure compliance with the order ,my son and grandsons caught the covid maybe Lowe's managers need to take their balls out of a jar and do what Menards does and most stores ask them to leave,I was not asking for an employee to get in a fight for me and for you to threat me with arrest was over the line,I can handle myself and only my closet friends call me Tommy Don't worry I shopped in your store for as long as it has been in Milford but never again and have told everyone I know , it is a shame when wrong is right and right is wrong even Jesus got angry.

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