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Poor customer service at Lowe's | Lowes review from Boston, Massachusetts

I went to Lowe's in Westborough MA this afternoon.I was there to purchase Rubbermaid 'Home Free' wire shelving. After locating the product ; I had a couple questions. Finally I found an employee. I asked him about the kit I was buying and that I wanted to make sure I had all necessary parts to hang the shelving. He glanced at the box and said that everything was there. I quizzed him about wether I needed I needed a top rail and the upright extensions. He gave me a blank look and said that I needed two uprights and one rail. Again I asked " Is this all the parts I'll need?" He looked at me with a blank expression and nodded. I got home to install them. Well ! I do need two more upright extensions to complete the installation. Not a big deal except for the 35 minute drive back to the store to get the parts I was told I didn't need. This is the second time I've been let down by Lowe's employees. I'll be sure to go to Home Depot or a small local vendor in the future.
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You're complaining because you can't figure out how to put a shelf together? THEY should be complaining about YOU! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


You're complaining about them because you're too *** to figure out how a shelf works? THEY should be complaining about YOU. Go somewhere else, they don't need *** turds like you for customers anyway.


when you say you'll go to home depot, all the Lowes employees do is roll their eyes, they don't give a rat's ***.


you cant seriously want them to know that right?

1 person out of 30 in any of these places knows anything, and even then its a *** shoot.

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Bathroom Remodel Nightmare | Lowes review from Everett, Massachusetts

Bathroom Remodel Nightmare - Lowes review
Bathroom Remodel Nightmare - Lowes review
Bathroom Remodel Nightmare - Lowes review
When my husband and I decided to remodel our bathroom we thought we'd check out our local Home Depot and Lowe's. We didn't see anything that caught our eye at Home Depot so we were off to Lowe's. We ended up buying a beautiful vanity, sink, counter top, mirror, side cabinets, jacuzzi tub, faucet, toilet and shower head. We bought the whole shabang! The style we chose for our vanity every piece had to be ordered seperatly. The clerk quoted that we would get everything in two weeks. It FINALLY arrived after SIX weeks! After unpacking all of the items, we had SIX defective pieces on the cabinet pieces. The mirror had a HUGE dent in the wooden frame, there were 2 drawers that were also dented, one of the side cabinets had an awful defect on the face as well. When I called the next day to report all of the damage pieces the girl was nice and told us just to take pictures of the damaged areas and bring them in and they would order new pieces. She told us it would be in a "rush order" and would take a week for the replacement pieces to come in. Another SIX weeks later they came in. The mirror had another huge defect in it. The sales person that we had been dealing with has now an attitude with US when we call to inquire as to where our stuff is. She is nothing but rude! It's not our fault that the stuff is junk! If I would have known it was going to be such a headache, I would have returned every single piece that I have bought. The counter top that we chose was a composite (like Corian, very pricey). It looked nice the first day. Until I tried to wash it. We read the directions and they stated to use any general household cleaner and a rag. I sprayed Fantastic on it and wipped it down. It left water-like rings all over the top! This was the last straw! I told my husband to take it off and return it. I did not want to exchange it and wait forever to just to have it happen again. We went to a local Countertop store that specializes in just that. We thought we would pay through the nose. We chose a Silestone countertop. It was $100 LESS than Lowe's PLUS they installed it, which my husband had to install the one we bought from Lowes. It has been close to four months now since all this has been going on and we are still waiting for the mirror to come, AGAIN! I will NEVER, EVER buy anything other than light bulbs at Lowes again! It really isn't worth the time, money or aggravation. If you are located in the Southern NH area and want QUALITY countertops and cabinets I would highly recommend Solid Advantage. The people there are curtious, knowledgable and professional. I wish I would have went there first! We ended up also getting a beautiful countertop for our kitchen as well! What ever you do, DON'T GO TO LOWE'S!!
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People don't care & aren't held accountable for their actions. Sad we have to deal w/this ***!!!!


So... this is Lowe's fault how?

You do understand that what you ordered was custom-made, right? I don't know why anyone would have quoted you two weeks. Custom cabinetry takes 4-6 weeks on average. But being mad at Lowe's because it came damaged?


Lowe's didn't make it. Be mad at the manufacturer.


That happened to me at value city with a bedroom set. I sent it back 3 times.One smelled like paint thinner with dents all over the wood part.

One had a whole on the headbord and broken mirrors on it.

So finally I asked to come into the store and see it before delivery.The manager ask to open the boxes to check the items and thank goodness the 4th time was a charm. It's nerves racking getting flawed furniture.


I think they r upset becuz of how Lowes handled the problems; not that its their fault it was damaged.


they really took the time to call you and tell you your mirror was broken dam customer service I guess they should of waited for you to pick it up so you can complain some more like the thousands of people that Scream everyday


WHEN I READ STORIES LIKE THIS, it reconfirms just how spoiled rotten folks are in this country. Lady, be glad you even have a home.

So sorry about your damaged custom counter tops and the wait you had to endure. May God bring you a perfect world in 2011.


i had the same problem with Home Depot American standard cabinets. they were *** and I am stuck with them.


kitchendude, I failed to mention that each and every time that we would bring something back that was defected we got the "oh, here they come again" look by the department manager as well as the store manager. As if that weren't bad enough to make us feel even more uncomfortable when we would explain what was wrong "this time" they would give US attitude!

Any manager that does not how to communitcate effectively and rationally with the customer, doesn't deserve to be in a such a position. Nor should they deserve my business. We're not talking about a minimal purchase, we spent thousands of hard earned dollars for this remodeling project.

They should have done everything in their power to smooth things with us, the CONSUMER! Their customer service is nothing short of AWFUL!


Not everything comes on the "freight truck." I'm sorry that the reorders took so long, but Lowe's, like any retailer is at the mercy of the manufacturer. Do you believe the people at Lowe's want you to be unhappy?

Lowe's is staffed by people, just like every other business.

Let everyone who works for a company with NO service issues step up.

Oh, be sure to have over 100,000 employees and serve millions of customers a week. I would appreciate the insight.




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Lousy service with service advantage plan | Lowes review from Worcester, Massachusetts

My Frigidaire refrigerator quit refrigerating. By the time I discovered this, I had lost all of the food in my freezer and refrigerator. I called the Lowe's Service Advantage number given to me by the local store in which I purchased the appliance. Could hardly understand the person on the other end due to language barrrier. Was told I would receive a phone call within 24 -48 hrs. I'm still waiting for that phone call 1 week later. Noone locally will come and repair it due to the parts under warranty. I have since purchased a new refrigerator due to unknown timeframe of fixing the broken one. Calling the 800 number is worthless. They won't put you through to a supervisor, nor provide contact information for the regional or corporate office. When I did originally call, I expressed concern to the foreign speaking gentleman, that I was on alert for deployment to the gulf coast in response to Hurricane Ike. I am a medical professional, and was awaiting the call to go. I explained to him that I was not comfortable leaving my wife and two small children behind with no refrigerator. I was hoping to at least get someone to look at it as expeditious as possible. I was again reassured that my concern was documented and forwarded to the regional office. Still waiting for word back from the regional office. I called approximately 56 hours after the original call to check on status. I was told that there is no local technicians to provide service, and that my file is still being worked on by the regional office. As a business man and healthcare professional in the same town in which I purchased the appliance, I find this business practice absolutely pathetic. What a "*** poor" way to treat your customers! I was forced to purchase out of pocket a new refrigerator, and replace the well over $200.00 worth of food that was lost at no fault of my own.
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This is a letter of complaint regarding my manufacture warranty under my LG appliance. This product was purchased in July/2014 with an additional warranty coverage plan.

On May 28, 2015 I called Lowes service and advantage 1-888-775-6937 to open a claim regarding my dishwasher, schedule a company service call. My appliance is making a high pitched whistling sound during the entire cycle when operating. I was given a scheduled date of Friday 06/05/15 with a company A.J. appliance service between the hours of 1-5:00pm.

On 06/05/15 at 12:30pm I get a phone call from a representative with Lowes service stating that the AJ appliance was cancelling my service call scheduled last minute. I had already left work thinking that I would need to be in the home between the hours of 1-5:00pm waiting for service person to arrive. I was told by the Lowes rep that AJ appliance was over booked and couldn’t make my scheduled appointment. The Lowes representative then gave me a reschedule appointment for Monday 06/08/15 between the hours of 1-5:00pm with a company called A.E.

appliance. I took this appointment missing more time off work. The technician arrived at 2:30pm, he was an older gentleman. He states that he heard the whistling sound when he first arrived at my home; put wasn’t able to hear it after awhile.

I’m still hearing the noise as I’m standing right next to the tech. I turned off my TV, turned off house fans trying to help this elderly man hear this high pitch sound that’s clearly coming from my appliance. The man then tells me to call the service rep back and schedule a different appointment with another tech that he has hearing issues and can’t hear the sound the dishwasher is making. The tech gave me a receipt of his visit.

The next day I called once again Lowes service line, explained what the tech had said to reschedule with another company that would be able to hear this high pitch sound this appliance is making. I’m given an appointment with A.J. appliance on Friday 06/12/15 1-5:00pm, the company was a no show!

I called the service number06/12/15 again asked to speak with a supervisor her name was Pam, I explained what was happening the cancelations last minute, no shows, sending a Tech to my home that is elderly and has a known hearing problem. The concern/complaint is written in my file as to why I’m requesting service a LOUD pitch whistling noise!

The issue I have here is that this product is still under manufacture warranty and is covered, which was paid for by ME the costumer.

This issue needs to be settled I am sending my complaint to LG services and to Lowes services. I have copies of all emails from Lowes confirming all scheduled or rescheduled appointments.


We are having the same problem with our extended warranty on our new Whirpool washing machine. They came out and said we needed new parts.

Now we cannot get them to come out to install the parts that have been here via UPS.


Friendly people with NO knowledge of their vendor as to whom can or cannot work on appliances! Would rate them at a minus 100 for service!

I will NOT buy another major appliance that requires Me to use the Advantage Protection Plan from Lowes! I have all the respect for the Lowes store Manager (JT) in Cleburne, Texas!!


Disclaimer, I painted in my younger years but haven't painted in years. You guys either got a horribly bad batch of paint or you must have been expecting the paint to be pro style without having to pay for a pro actually doing it.

I read these reviews after buying a gallon of flat white for a weekend project. It made me so paranoid I decided to test one support board nobody would see. I painted the whole board (2"x4"x6') then walked away and 20 minutes later it was dry. I was surprised so naturally I put another coat on (because that's how you paint).

No complaints so far but I'll send an update after a night of drying.

There is no paint that exists that you can just put one coat on and walk away and it'll be perfect for 5 or 20 years. Also it seems that most complaints are for semigloss and to be fair I have only used flat.


All appliances have a year warranty and they ask if you want the additional year. What I have found is that if it cant be repaired take it back to the store and ask to speak to the store manager only - if not in ask for the district manager - if no answer call the corporate number.

Most returns will give you another until they get someone in the store to fix yours or in most cases give you one of equal value. And for goodness sakes take responsibility for your own purchases and SAVE YOUR RECIEPT!




My husband and I purchased a washer from Lowe. Before too long, it began to bray and bellow, so we called the service department and were referred to a local repair shop that Lowes subcontracts. The first time their rep came out, he needed to go get parts. He dropped in the next week, and needed more parts. The week after, he decided that he didn't know what was wrong with it, so he left again. The next time he came back, much later, was a demand performance, and since a month of study hadn't diagnosed the problem, he wanted to take it with him, and fix it in the shop. About a month later, the guy shows up with the washer and swears it's fixed, however, his back is injured, his dog is birthing puppies, his wife is due home any moment, etc, and he can't get the machine back in the house.

The friendly local village *** (me) told him to go on--I'd get someone to move it in. I did get some local kids to install the washer, and I turned it on. It didn't bray or bellow anymore, it gave one thin, agonized screech and died forever.

So I called the shop, and was curtly told that whoever carried the machine inside must have "done sumpun to it".

I'd paid over $150.00 in parts, and was guaranteed a serious chewing by my husband, so I called the dude some creatively nasty names, questioned his parentage, and gave him my august opinion of his little hole-in-the-wall repair shop.

Then I called Lowes. After about twenty minutes of being shifted from here to there, I was informed that they could give me deep sympathy and the name of another repair shop...

So I gave them, the repair shop, and the Better Business Bureau my written opinion of the entire farce, threw the old washer out, bought a good one from Sears, and went my merry way. May I add that my merry way doesn't stray to Lowes--I haven't darkened their door in two years.

*** once is okay, most times, but *** twice leads to extinction.



Thanks for the comments. I did try local repair services.

All the same answer. We don't work on appliances under warranty coverage. Frigidaire's answering service gave me the same answers as well. Noone to service your area.

Apparently I live in a vaccum of space that noone can find or wants to come to. LOL I did speak with the manager, and once providing proof of purchase, he may be able to help me out. I've also corresponded with the Lowe's Customer Care Center.

They too have been courteous and helpful. Thanks again for your thoughts.


Usually what we do in our Lowe's is give the customer one of our local authorized repair providers. We usually avoid the 800 service advantage number because as stated here, you are routed to a national call center who then routes it to a servicer.

Every Lowes I know, unless you are in a very unusual area, has at least 1 local servicer. When we give our customers one of these numbers, in many cases they get service later that same day. We do try to avoid the 800 number whenever possible. Also, irregardless as to where the refrigerator was purchased, also having been on that end as well, any Frigidaire repair facility is authorized to do those repairs for you, again provided that the unit is still under manufacturer's warranty.

I am sure there would would have to be someone locally to help you. Also, in closing, I would make sure the Lowes store manager (not the appliance sales associate) is made aware of this.

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Delivery of Dryer and Attitude Jersey City Lowes

All: I ordered a clothes dryer from Lowes Jersey City NJ in early November. I received 2 calls from the store 1-notifying me that the order had reached their warehouse 2-notifying me that the dryer had reached the store. I was told that I would receive a call to schedule home delivery of the dryer but I never did. Lowes just took it upon themselves to schedule a delivery date and time without consulting me. I received a call from the delivery company notifying me date and timeframe for delivery and I cancelled it since I was not available. The part I am PISSED off about is the fact that I had to call the store to reschedule the delivery and I kept being transferred and put on hold for over 20 minutes as I waited for a so-called manager named Gio who never answered my call. I spoke to a woman named Yvette who gave me an attitude as she explained that she just got on the phone and in my own words it didnt seem to be her issue that I had been on hold. GREAT customer service Lowes jersey city. If you dont want to work there QUIT and go on the unemployment line instead of being mean to your paying customers who keep you EMPLOYED!!!! Finally a girl helped me and was nice as a reaction to my attitude which was stern since the dryer was not FREE! I will never order anything from YOU AGAIN! YOUR LOSS...
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Lowes Delivery Service
Reason of review
Problem with delivery

No Mercy for NYC Employees Working Sunday with Hurricane Irene - Lowes need the Profits???

I visited your Red Hook Brooklyn store to get ready for Hurricane Irene and was (as everyone has been) discussing this weather event. I found out that YOUR STORE WILL BE OPEN WITH A FULL CREW ON SUNDAY IN THE MIDDLE OF HURRICANE IRENE. I cannot believe that your Red Hook Brooklyn store is NOT closing to ensure the safety of their employees – ESPECIALLY SINCE THE NYC TRANSIT IS GOING TO SHUT DOWN ALL TRAINS AND BUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL Officials are making it mandatory that everyone is safe except for LOWES. Is working at your store really worth risking the life of employees IN THE MIDDLE OF A HURRICANE???????????????? Are profits really worth that much to you? Where are the owners of Lowes???? Why are THEY not in their stores when the Hurricane hits to make sure they make a profit????? If this is the mentality of Lowes, I hope that you enjoy blood money if god forbid anything happens to those hard working employees who have no choice.
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I have a real hard time believing that store was open during the middle of the hurricane.

Sharon S

They do not care if their employees are injured. Google the phrase "OSHA Lowe's". You will find that this company has a long history of not securing a safe workplace and then falsifying records about the number of employees that are injured.

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LOWES...let's SCREW UP your order together!

Update by user Apr 01, 2011

UPDATE: After emailing Lowes management, I received a return email and call from their Executive Customer Care group asking for the store location, my contact info, etc. Pretty impressive! Turns out the Store Manager\'s intent was totally miscommunicated by the Coutertop guy and we are getting together to resolve this matter to the satisfaction of all parties tomorrow. Quick, fair and adequate response.

It should be noted that:

1)this outcome had NOTHING to do with the posting on PissedConsumer

2)Beware...If you post anything here, it takes a notarized letter to remove it. Since PissConsumer has the usual password security controls, I consider this a serious flaw in the website\'s concept. There must be an ulterior motive for making it necessary to get an \"Act of Congress\" passed to correct errors on the site.

Not good.

Original review posted by user Mar 30, 2011

I'm attempting to get my home ready for sale and wanted to install new kitchen counters. I went to Lowes with drawings and figured I'd get some help from one of their "expert" staff members. The first time they were ordered, he completely disregarded my drawing and the opening for the sink was 4 feet to the right of the proper position. Had to go back and reorder. They had to credit and reprocess the whole thing. Weeks pass by. When he reorders, you'd think he'd be extra careful to look at the the proportions of the drawing versus the linear measurements for the sink positioning. Well, he did not. So, even though the drawing proportions were right on, my mistake on the linear measurement screwed up the second order. So, the Store Manager has now decided that, in spite of the lousy service, I can "go pound sand", say goodbye to my $700 and re-order. Well, LOWES CAN GO POUND SAND! I will not shop there again and will take every opportunity to flame them on the net and to friends/family/strangers. I'm unemployed right now and $700 could have paid my oil bill for the last 2 months.
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Going to Lowes for your countertops serves you right if you get screwed. Support your local community installers not some big chain that beats up on other retailers.

First off though, a local professional countertop installer comes out and takes measurements for themselves to assure everything is right.

And then if there is a mistake they eat the cost. Smarter shopping if you ask me, even if the local guy is a 100-200 dollars more.


It'll all be resolved tomorrow at some extra cost to me, a bit of extra time for Lowes (which will be funded by my extra cost) and no cost to the consumer. That's all I was asking for all along. So, find something else to do with your extra time and save your opinions for black and white issues which you can comprehend.


What a ***. You provide wrong measurements and don't take the time to look at the drawing they provide to see that it is wrong and have the nerve to blame the store and want them to cover your error. People like you just drive prices up for everyone else.


The error the first time had nothing to do with the measurements and yes, I did give an incorrect measurement. You are missing the point.

Errors were made on both sides and all I expected was a good=faith workout. By the way, the store manager called me today and agreed, so I guess it is of no importance whether you get it or not.

I'll be reversing my position if, in fact, things work out as we discussed. you can report bck to the Lowes Cabinet department now.


You did just say you gave the wrong measurement. Right?

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Valid check denied | Lowes review from Boston, Massachusetts

On 10/31/09 , I recieved a home equity line of credit with a new check book to use. I Went to a Lowes store in my small home town. I spent 4 hours looking for several items (over 40 items). I wrote a check to cover the cost. Certegy Check Services uses a faulty profiling system to approve checks and nothing else. My $660.89 check was denied in front of my girlfriend several members of my comunity (that I know and go to church with), three employees of Lowes and a manager. I was made to feel like crook in front of everybody there. This kind of harassment is insulting, degrading, demoralizing and cruel. Does anyonbe realize how people talk in a small town. On sunday at church, a friend approached me and said he would pray for me for my check fraud problem. Now members of my church think I am a Convict. I am insanely angry with the way I am being treated because of negative profiling which is against my rights as an american citized. Certegy Check Services Inc. and inhumane organizations need to be put out of business for causing large problems with innocent people.
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It Is to, Its #%%& well Lowe's fault and for you security freaks I would rather bust you In the face than explain the situation to you, I guess you Never had to deal with a bad situation as having to deal with 100 degree weather In a car with No Air conditioner and your at the store and your bank Is on the other side of town, really Its you security freaks that Is messing Us all up Its time The Customer Is always right again, Not the corporation Is always right and The Customer Is always wrong, oh and I would leave that worthless church find one that Truly Believes In God, and A Church that believes September 11 2001 Was Controlled Demolition An Inside Job


The problem is with Certegy *and* Lowes, not just Certegy (or if they use another company now it could be TruChecks or TeleCheck). If they don't have a policy where they can disregard the Certegy/TruChecks/TeleCheck result and call the financial institution to verify the check will clear, that is Lowe's fault.

They should have a secondary method to accept a check. Same as if it were a debit card usage and a large amount, the card fraud team could block it for being out of their normal spending patterns, but a quick call to the card fraud team by the cardholder can resolve that to get the purchase to be approved. In this case with a check, the account holder calls their bank/credit union to find out what the issue is, and everything is fine on their end. They are not declining the check.

Certegy is. To clarify further, not every bank/credit union will verify over the phone if a check will clear, but my credit union does.


Same thing happened to me today. I was furious, called the number I was given and it was automated, gave me no answers and would not let me speak with an actual employee


I understand these places being worried about bad checks but these *** making people feel Luke criminals is crazy and very very unprofessional I'll never shop at Lowes again I am a contractor and have 7 other contractors following me to take our business elsewhere


I know this post is old, but I figured I'd put my two cents in. Did you ever stop to think that maybe your check was flagged because you were spending over $600 bucks and that wasn't something that you usually do?

It's called security measures. They were trying to protect you.


First off anyone in your church who honestly belives you are a convict should not be a part of the church. It is not Lowes fault either.

Emailing the ceo will do you nothing but get you more upset. The ceo is a crook who belives that his wallet and wall street is more important than his employees and his customers. He will likely tell you he is doing you a favor by declining your check like he did to his employees. He can likely tell you what a crook or convict feels like though as he is right there with them.

As for the members of your church they need to get their heads screwed on straight. Your no convict.


Do not put identifying information beyond your name on your checks. Ever heard of identity theft?


That is not Lowes fault.

It is the service that they use to approve the checks.

I never had a problem with Lowes.

Beter them Home DEPOT.


Contact Lowe's CEO(Robert Niblock) directly @


In a world where many places won't take checks any more you're lucky to find someone that accepts a piece of paper that may or may not be good. There are many reasons they may not have accepted this check.

As you stated it is a new account. Many places that do accept checks require they have printed information such as name, address etc on them. Low number checks are also a source of many check problems. Being a new account the bank may not have had information posted or available for the check protection company to verify your account.

Keep in mind that a check is just a piece of paper until your bank honors it. Asking a business who doesn't know you to honor a check is asking a lot.

Using a debit or credit card that can be instantly verified is a safer form of payment for them to accept. Ask you bank for a debit card to use with this account and your problems will be solved.

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Lowes Manager

My daughter has a scar on thee bridge of her nose | Lowes review from Boston, Massachusetts

While shopping at Lowes. someone hung a sign by a product, which fell down and hit my daughter on the nose. She has a scar there and will probably always have it. She's a very pretty girl and this scar stands out like a sour thumb. She just got a home and is fixing it up, and was doing her shopping at Lowes. I'm having her write a blow by blow description of what happened and how Lowes employees responded. When I have it together I'll see you get a copy. You'll be hearing from me soon!
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I've seen your daughter and it could only be an improvement. Pretty girl? *shudders* Please have someone spell check her statement...someone who isn't you.


Where do you see the words that this just happened?


How does she have a scar if it JUST HAPPENED?

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Help with 2 storm doors | Lowes review from Boston, Massachusetts

on April 21 went to Lowes to purchase 2 storm doors, there were 2 or 3 associates at the computer, no one asked if we needed any help or even looked to see if we need any assistance, I walked to where they were any the only person who acknowledge me was a very nice women, not the younger 2 men!!I asked if someone could help us with 2 doors we wanted, she said she would help, she loaded the 2 doors on our cart and said to mention to someone to help us to our van, again no one said a word, we then loaded the 2 doors and heard some say "didn't they offer to help you" we said no, "no one in this whole lazy place, would offer anything except for you" the same very nice lady who helped us in the first place. This is very poor customer service, maybe the so called men in that store, should take a lesson from the women who work there, sorry but I will go someplace else from now on. a very unhappy former customer
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Lowes Sux

We bought a new door from Lowes-it leaked. We had one of their techs come out and check it, he said it was water running under a factory made adjustable strip, not installation fault. He adjusted it as best he could-but said would still leak a bit(on our brand new hardwood floor) also said he would make a report to the corporate offices. We called looking for satisfaction-since we bought defective product, they denied fault and claim. All they really denied was the rest of out lifetime in business, we just moved in and are in the middle of major renovations--none of which will involve their company's product. We will make sure to tell their competitors they have Lowe's shortsightedness to thank for all the business......
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Have a complaint?

Contact Lowe's CEO Robert Niblock directly at his home.

What a guy!


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Lowes Installation