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Deplorable customer service | Lowes review from Southborough, Massachusetts

My husband an I bought a dishwasher from Lowe's on January 17, 2017 and were told that we would not get delivery until January 30th. We decided to buy the dishwasher and wait until the 30th. About a week later Lowe's notified us that we would again have to wait until at least the 15th of February, we again agreed to wait. In the meantime, we received a bill from Lowe's credit card which stated the due date for the dishwasher was the 15th of February. We called the Hadley, Massachusetts and spoke to Heather, store manager, and explained that we were not going to pay for something we had yet to receive. What if the merchandise was damaged or did not work when we received it, are we obliged to then again pay for something we did not have? All Heather had to do was cancel the original purchase and have us buy the dishwasher again which would have deferred our bill for another month, but Heather stated there was nothing she could do. We then decided to cancel the order all together. Since then we have bought another dishwasher from Home Depot from a very helpful sales lady. FYI we will be delivered of a new dishwasher on Saturday. Do not buy anything from Lowe's.
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Commentor, you didn't seem to get the original poster's message did you Einstein.

Maybe Lowe's is not responsible for the back order, but the customer sure of *** isn't. Lowe's could of remedied the situation by canceling the original order and then re-charging it and they still would of had a had a happy customer.


Delays like this can happen no matter where you buy an appliance that isn't in stock. Stores will order the appliance from the manufacture and provide a due date based on information provided by the manufacturer.

Unfortunately the manufacturers will occasionally backorder an appliance and the store has no clue this is happening until the truck shows up without the appliance.

All this has nothing to do with the credit extended by the credit company that issues Lowes credit cards. In the future purchase in stock appliances if you need them right away.

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Lowes Delivery Service
  • Extremely poor customer service
Reason of review
Bad quality

Lowes won't honor my Military ID here in Maine

Lowes won't honor my Military ID here in Maine I am a US Veteran. I took a copy of my DD form 214 to DMV and received a Maine drivers License that shows I am a vet. Lowes will not Honor it for a discount They say they give all vets 10% but not here in Maine if you don't have a Health care ID / or active duty ID your not considered a Vet at Lowes . I have my own healthcare insurance and I have a less then 10% service connected disability so I don't have an ID from the VA. I am a Vet and I am proud to have served Shame on Lowes to treat us like were not Vets. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..
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I have the utmost respect for our military, but it always *** me off when someone like you feels entitled to a discount. Go to WalMart and try to get a Military discount.

The military discount clearly says its for Active duty, Retired, or disabled military personnel.

If you were even 10% disabled, you'd have a VA card. The DD214 is not a valid ID for the discount.


It is not a veterans discount it is a Military discount.

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Veterans Discount
Preferred solution
honoring all Vets as you state you do!!! My ID is valid

Horrible return policy and attitude | Lowes review from Southborough, Massachusetts

I bought two large Christmas lawn decorations from Lowe's just before Christmas in 2015, spending over $200. Both have fans to blow them up. They worked fine for last season. When I went to set them up this year neither of the fans would spin. They appeared to be rusted and corroded. I went to the local Lowe's and was rudely informed that 'the seasonal return policy is 30 days with a receipt, sirrr'. I asked for the manager and he puffed out his chest and repeated their policy. He was a big guy and seemed to want to intimidate me. I politely argued my case with no success. 'Have a nice day' (sarcastically) was the last thing I heard as I turned to leave.
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You are aware that all seasonal merchandise has that policy as many try to abuse the policy before that allowed all refunds, which in turned raised prices. It is not the store's fault that you can not maintain a product.


So you put them away with some snow or moisture left on them and the moisture rusted the fan, does't sound like a defect to me. Why should the store or manufacturer be responsible for improper storage?

Do you realize that when a store takes products back that aren't defective but abused we as consumers cover that cost in the form of higher prices? I for one don't want to have to pay for your improper storage and am glad Lowes refused your return.


Don't ya just hate when companies don't let you return used stuff you bought a year ago? Ugh!

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Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy

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