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We thought going with Lowes would make our kitchen renovation a dream… it was a total nightmare. My wife and I own 5 properties and I’ve had hundreds of thousands of dollars of work done over the years. However my regular contractor moved away & I didn’t know who to call to have our kitchen renovated. I’ve never used a big box store & after this experience I will never use Lowes again. I have to say that Mike Leonard (designer) and Russel Fitzgibbons (sales) were both knowledgeable & very helpful until the end. The reason we went with a big box store is we were sold a lie. We were told that by having Lowes do everything we’d save sales tax on everything (cabinets/appliances which was true) & that all the contractors who came to our house would be licensed, insured and background checked (not true we had the most incompetent, unlicensed people, uninsured workers that showed up to do work). Yes the subcontractor for Lowes has insurance and is licensed, but then to save money they get whomever they can to do the work & they do it as fast as they can. We had $60K+ renovation (down to the studs) and permits weren’t obtained, floors weren’t leveled, walls weren’t prepped, cabinets were literally thrown up without measuring etc. Less than halfway through the project we couldn’t take it any more. The subcontractor for Lowes put in a hood vent, cut *** in the roof & that night rain water poured into the attic! When I contacted the contractor they wanted to just caulk it & they weren’t sure if it was their fault! Our house was a disaster area & we didn’t know where to turn, but things were so bad, we would rather take our chances with the unknown than with Lowes. I had kept a log of the issues with Homerun Handyman who Lowes hired & sent this over to Lowes Corporate, thinking they would be helpful and understanding. The reaction from corporate Lowes was appalling! After Shanjae from Lowes Corporate read the issues that we had with the sub-contractors poor workmanship and “shaking us down” for more money (outside of the Lowes contract) we felt they would be as upset as we were. Corporate wasn’t upset at all… in fact they told us we waited too long to contact them & they never had an issue with this contractor before (which wasn’t true). As it turned out Homerun Handyman’s electrician told us of a major issue Lowes/Homerun Handman had with another police office and a kitchen remodel. At one point Lowes Corporate even contemplated calling the police on us when we asked to have their subcontractors tools picked up… they felt we were refusing to give back the tools? The bottom line: Lowes in my opinion & the opinion of contractors I’ve talked with hire contractors that are willing to work for lower rates. As a result, the consumer suffers from rushed jobs and inexperienced or inept contractors. Don’t think you are going to save money… you won’t. What ever contract you negotiate, it’s going to cost you more. Don’t think that you are going to be covered by Lowes Corporate for anything that goes wrong… when things went wrong with our job… they didn’t care and didn’t help.
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We just cancelled our kitchen remodel With Lowe’s, and are back to square one. The kitchen designer has to be one of the most disorganized people I’ve ever met, and was either late or completely missed every meeting.

When we were blown off for the last time all they cared about was getting their fee for measuring for cabinets.

I told them that their disorganization and lack of professionalism was why they lost the job so not to hold their breath waiting to be paid. After reading these other comments, we seem to have dodged a bullet.


Update: We ordered and paid in full for custom kitchen cabinets from Lowe's 294 days (OVER 9 MONTHS!!!) ago and so far, it has cost us more than $10,000 beyond what we agreed to pay. There has been so many problems it's not even funny.

The craftsmanship has been horrid, 4 of the cabinets needed replaced due to the installers. They've also managed to break 2 brand new appliances, run over my mailbox and STOLE STUFF FROM MY TOOLBOX (Yes, I have video footage).


Me too, my whole living room downstairs, could have been flooded during the night because of non licensed plumber booking up our water line from refrigerator to waterline in the line above living area below. Contractor fired.

Still 180 days later, Avery small kitchen, and 25k paid feb 18 to Roanoke, va, yes I’ve contacted about 4 different agents at corporate in Indianapolis so many times. It’s a joke. My countertop still not in, tricked by sales person putting in a sink that looks like it came out of trailer with the 3k quartz countertop. It still hasn’t been resolved.

I had to pay a professional plumber to fix the wrong plumbing with refrigerator water line. I’m waiting one more week. Before looking for alternative measures to rectify this horrible remodel. Seems from all I’ve read, that I’m not the only person to be fooled by Lowe’s.

All problems also documented since day one.

I hope this will help anyone in the future from making the same mistakes I have. Best of luck to everyone.


We wish we had seen this before we purchased from Lowe's. Our experience so far has been nothing short of HORRIBLE.

We ordered and paid in full for custom kitchen cabinets from Lowe's 180 days ago. They still aren't done.

Installers have ruined cabinets that needed re-ordered, broken an appliance in the process and left our house a disaster. From the Lowe's side, they drop the ball at every opportunity and will sell you on a process that you won't get.See photos and read my Lowe's kitchen cabinet review:

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