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Lowes in Worcester, Massachusetts - Threats made

I was a former HR manager for Lowes. After uncovering a employee theft scam,which I brought to light to my boss,as well as his boss ,they made my life ***. I am in the process of starting legal action as well as trying to bring the labor union in to the company. Let them laugh that one off! My boss was Luis Rivera. His boss is Mary Raddant.As they are friends,this whole matter has been swept under the rug. When speaking with there legal department there comment was,and I quote " call a lawyer" I took there advice!
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these people will never understand because they havent worked for this company. keep your this company is so corrupt and employees that are still working there believe so as well they are just too scared to say anything in fear of losing their jobs.

No one is out to sue or make money off of them. they are just trying to show how corrupt the company really is and as for the comment of Lp and how could she know well see you never worked here and all managers including HR can go into the LP office and review tapes at any given time. they save the tapes from day to day to review them when needed.

and if another associate may have suspected something yes they would have brought it to HR's attention therefore giving her the right to go review the tapes. Dont criticize something in which you know nothing about


lowes must be doing something right. They find a way to get rid of all of the disgruntled, lazy people that complain on this site.

In our society there are way to many people that work harder at avoiding work than just doing their job duties.

It seems many are on this site instead of looking for a new job. Probably trying to collect unemployment or dreaming of a way to sue someone else so they can get a free ride.


Tell him about it @


Something not right here Lucy,,,

This is a LP issue, and if you were a HR, they never come out of their office. How couldn't uncover anything except maybe a sandwich with a file and if you were able to uncover anything there Sherlock, you would to have video of the theft, you as a HR would know that it is almost impossible to fire someone for an allegation of theft. good luck with your Union.

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