Fairbanks, Alaska

This grill, my first big step into gas grilling (purchased at Lowes), randomly decides it doesn't want to work--either not at all, or only at an extremely low setting ("Warm"). Tonight it won't start at all.

Very disappointing. It randomly works fine again when it feels like it. Haven't used it much, would like to use it more, but it's totally UNRELIABLE. Sad.

I have to enter additional words, so I'll type sadly for a while...sad, sad, bad Masterforge, bad Lowes! Makes me sorry that I switched from charcoal- everyone said that gas was better but it looks like they were wrong.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Kennewick, Washington, United States #678734

Because of fed laws.. Propane tanks have changed...reset tank by turning off tank then grill burners.

Turn tank back on then as u turn on grill hit ignite...if it does not ignite do this again. It is the tank qcv valve

Dallas, Texas, United States #671695

That's obviously a bad item. Return it.

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