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About two weeks ago I bought a fridge they told me it would be a two week wait on the delivery so today it was suppose to be delivered from 12-3 okay took off work to make process easier took old one in garage so pick up would be easier. Well 3 came and went I called they said they r running late but will be there in bout 45 minutes ok that came and went.

I called and got someone who said call back later hung up called back got a different person who tells me they are running late so I have to reschedule I ask for a manager who told me he called me back in ten minutes I could hear the worker in the back ground talking bout how rude I was and I just ask for a manager. Well a different manager called me explain that they were behind and probably not today okay I ask can I get first thing in the morning I got maybe maybe not. Okay can I get a estimated time so I won't miss 2 days of work sometime tomorrow.

So I will put off work another day any Friday plans I might have to wait and see. Home Depot will be where I shop from now on.

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San Francisco, California, United States #695522

I bought a wall oven from Lowes and was told it would be 2 weeks before it gets here and at the same time the employee told me that it may be here before then but cant give me any definite date. Once the item arrived at the store I was then told that it would be delivered on the date I requested but no time frame.

This really sucks have to *** from work and sit around all day waiting.

When it comes to deliveries I prefer shopping at Home Depot.At least you get a date and time or approx. Very inconvenient delivery process that Lowes have.Wish I could have found the item at Home Depot.

Walnut Creek, California, United States #672281

Technically you wouldn't be putting off any Friday plans unless those plans you were referring to would happen to be work that you mentioned at the beginning of your statement.

Dallas, Texas, United States #671687

Get enough deliveries this will happen on a regular basis?

Why? Deliveries are scheduled based upon how long the average delivery/install for said items take. However, you will have traffic delays, customers that keep asking for more instruction, houses that too small of opening for the new upgraded appliance,

Houses that only have access from the alley but the truck can't fit down the alley, etc., etc.

These are unseen and unable to be planned for.

When you asked if you can have it in the morning and were told

"Maybe. Maybe not." It was because whatever caused the first delay, more than likely effected many other deliveries as well. This person didn't want to be too specific if they couldn't be sure. There would be no benefit for them to vague for the *** of it.

These same issues effect Home Depot, Sears and everyone else because delivery drivers have yet to discover how to change the laws of physics


Hey wonering, Lowes has twice as many complaints then HD does. You are an Id*ot


I'll take it you haven't taken the time to look at the Home Depot posts on Pissed Consumer.

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