Good morning,

I am writing you since the manager at the store wanted to be rude and not care about my husbands complaint. Yesterday i placed an order in the morning #72454****.

They wrote me that my order was ready within 15 min... After work we loaded our three kids up and drove 35 min to the amherst (closest) lowes. When we got there with screaming young kids we sat in order pickup and called for 15 min with no answer. We then loaded out kids out of the car, thank god we remembered masks, into the store just to wait in a line that their was no attendant at for 30 min.

We finally got our order and left to go home with the kids. Got all the kids ready for bed and went out to paint the deck (since our anniversary get together is THURSDAY) and LOWES NEVER TINTED OUR DECK PAINT. When it CLEAR AS DAY says it on my order the gray color. I made my husband take it back at 9 at night and the associates were EXTREMELY unpleasant with him and were completely rude.

we had to drive out of our way and move our life around for us not to be a priority. i spend way to much money at your store to be treated like garbage. *** the deck paint cost 180 alone. I am sick to my stomach and at this point most likely not coming back.

why should i being treated like crap after your mistake and our wasted time and gas to come up back to you guys. And now nothing will be done for my anniversary.

Location: Buffalo, New York

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Where did you make “two extra trips” as indicated in title of your post?


Wouldn't it have been so much easier just to have gone to the store and had your paint mixed rather than wasting the time to order it on-line? The idea of ordering on-line for pick up at the store isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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