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I purchased Garden Treasures 2 round swivel chars and 4 regular chairs. I have beautiful cushions for them too.

Each time it rains, the rain gets in all the nooks of the metal. When you go to sit in the chairs they leak rust water all over the cushions and my guests clothing!

It is embarrassing and maddening! The rust water has destroyed my dark stained deck.

The company doesn't care, because I bought my patio furniture and matching glass table 375 days ago. WE DON'T USE IT IN THE WINTER.

It was stored in my finished basement; temp controlled. So it was only used 5 months! That is not the issue- the issue is no seal on the metal chairs- the holes take on rain. I shouldn't have to cover my furniture- it was sold as solid metal with cushions (which we keep inside when we are not using) and made no mention of rust/rain water to contend with!

I also bought a $500.00 gas grill (purchase From Lowes) Lowes won't stand behind my purchase.


Reason of review: rust/rain water destruction of items.

Monetary Loss: $800.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Cons: Lowes contacted the company.

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Same issue here with garden treasures sectional. Rust leaks out and has stained just about everything.


I also bought Garden Treasures patio furniture from Lowe's and almost the same thing is happening to me. In my case the rusty water doesn't get on the cushions or clothing, but it runs out the bottom of the furniture and onto and through the deck, staining it and the driveway below a rusty color.

I paid about $500 for this furniture and I can't believe they would sell something with such a obvious defect. Terrible!



I too am pissed at Lowes because they won't sell individual parts to repair their patio furniture. Once an end cap splits you have loose glass but will they sell you an end cap?


THEY WANT TO FORCE YOU to buy a whole new set. Not gonna happen.


Treasure Garden does not sell patio furniture...just umbrellas. You probably mean Garden Treasure from Lowes!

to Anonymous #1027372

That's correct, horrible patio furniture that manufacturer and then seller, Lowe's will not stand behind. It's worthless and unusable. Buyer beware.

to Anonymous #1687251

I did not buy my patio furniture from Lowe's. I got mine from Sears, but I have the exact same issue with what you're describing.

I am horrified at all the rusty water that leaks out of the end caps all the time, and it leaks all over the concrete, and sometimes on clothing. If I pick up the chairs to move them, the rusty water runs all down my clothes, legs, and onto my shoes. I know I cannot just replace the furniture, and am now wondering if there's ANYTHING I can use to seal the leaky end caps myself?

Maybe something like clear silicone caulking, or something like that? Anyone have any suggestions???

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