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Lowes in Harper Woods, Michigan - Rebate Scam

Purchased a new kitchen at almost $20K. Was told that we needed to make the purchase that day to qualify for a 10% gift card which would be issued in 2-4 weeks, prior to the install. After waiting for 3 weeks, I called the Rebate Center to be told 6-8 weeks. I complained and stated I had documentation stating otherwise. After speaking to Omar, a supervisor, my status went from pending to non-compliant, there reason, I used invoice numbers from the same receipt and that they needed an actual copy of the 5 page long receipt. I've sent it to them but they have yet to receive the fax and state that my time is now 10-12 weeks before, if I ever do, receive the rebate. They could not provide a single ounce of reason for why this was delayed. Corporate has been useless. My sales person does not return my calls and seems to always be out. My corporate coordinator is also unavailable. We made this purchase due to the rebate promised as it was going to be used to cover expenses prior to the install. Lowe's does not care about customer service, and the only thing offered was for me to cancel the order, losing a good chunk of money I already paid. Scam, scam, scam. Avoid Lowes at all cost. You have been warned!
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I was also scammed by Lowe's in a similar manner. I purchased three large appliances based on a promise of $100 rebate.

I submitted the rebate form and proper documentation. Trying to get Lowe's to honor the rebate has been a Kafka-esque nightmare.


I purchased an LG kitchen appliance bundle from Lowe's in July. I was told I would get a $200 Lowe's gift card and also a rebate from LG.

When I was checking out, the salesperson gave me a "rebate" receipt in addition to my normal receipt. She said I could apply for my Lowe's gift card right away, but would have to wait until I received my appliances before I could submit the LG rebate (LG requires the appliance serial numbers). I applied for the Lowe's gift card online and it went smoothly. I received an email containing the gift card within a week.

Today I worked on my LG rebate and before sending it in, I read in very small print that my appliance purchase qualified for the rebate, but because I bought it at Lowe's, Lowe's would take care of the rebate at time of purchase. Today I talked to LG rebate people, Lowe's rebate people and an appliance salesperson from Lowe's. I have spent several hours on this only to find that I will not get the LG rebate as promised. LG said Lowe's should take care of it; Lowe's said they only process their own rebates and had no idea what I was talking about; the salesperson said they didn't give them good information on rebates and he could never keep them straight.

He had no idea what I was talking about. If you are buying appliances from Lowe's expecting rebates, be sure to check the small print. Oh, and I should mention that on the day of delivery, they couldn't find my microwave.

It was there the day before, but apparently it was sold or given to another person with their delivery, so it will be another month before I receive my microwave. Disappointing mess...

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