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Lowes in Burton, Michigan - Shoddy workmanship from Lowe's contractor

I contacted Lowes to redo my 10x 6.5 galley kitchen last March. They came out, planned the work, supplied the materials and charged me approximately $18k for the job, that I had to pay upfront. The work began the second week in July. The workman were neither licensed nor insured. The y demoed the kitchen, and began working on the remodel. They screwed up the plumbing and the electrical, which I had redone ($2200). After weeks of watching their workers plod through he job, I had Lowe's come out to my house and dismissed the subcontractor. Another week has passed by with nothing being done. Lowe's assures me that they will make it right, but after 5 months I can't say that I believe anything they say. There are many things left to do and surely there must be a carpenter in Michigan who can finish this project. I am now actively searching for a local carpenter. I would give Lowe's zero stars for this work. I would give their sub contractor -5 stars. Lowe's advertises license and insure quality professionals, I say B S. I would never go back to Lowe's. I can only offer up this warning to would be customers.
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Lowes Kitchen Remodeling
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Bad quality
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Let the company propose a solution

Lowes is only interested in your wallet

Went with Lowe's as contractors are difficult to locate in our area unless one has a very big money project. I believed that Lowe's stood behind its work as they are a national corporation with a reputation to protect. Kitchen designer was awesome. I went into the project just looking to replace countertops in the kitchen and two bathrooms and ended up having the entire kitchen remodeled and expanded and new stools and vanities in both bathrooms. This was not a low end remodel- we spent well over 25k just at Lowes with several things bought elsewhere. Things began badly with terrible communication from the Project Coordinator that resulted in having our old kitchen torn out with a projected date of return to finish five weeks away. Fortunately, the granite was installed sooner than expected but the trouble was just beginning. Incredibly long story short, kitchen was paid for 100% in February. Work began March 19th and as of June 18th there's no end in sight. This has been the worst experience of my life and has nearly ruined my marriage as my husband (who works 60 hours a week) spends all of his time off repairing the damage done by the first contractor (who I had to fire due to being insulted, my home and belongings damaged, poor workmanship, and incredibly unprofessional behavior from not only his employees but also the owner). We haven't had sinks in the bathrooms since April and cannot entertain in our home as the dining room is filled with kitchen materials. Getting corporate involved actually made things WORSE. Although usually executive level customer service is exceptional- the best of the best - it's obvious that the rep assigned to the project couldn't care less. He just wants to move the file into the "done " box. Lowes not only doesn't stand behind its work, it will find every possible excuse to deny responsibility. I have more than 5k worth of cracked granite (turns out that it was "quarry fill" - a shady practice in which a cracked granite slab is turned into a sellable one with cheap glue that dissolves when the countertop is cleaned), cabinets that are ruined from improper installation, a tile floor that was in near perfect condition that needs to be replaced, and much more. Every contractor who has been in the house has been shocked by the terrible workmanship and angered because "this kind of thing makes all contractors look bad". I was told the subcontractor has never been a problem (untrue), everyone involved with the granite is more concerned about throwing the next company under the bus than in seeing the customer treated well, and if I have the cabinets installed in July it will be a miracle. I believe I may have to hire an attorney - although Lowes is technically fulfilling the contract, if agonizingly slowly. The kitchen designer said that she has never seen so many things go wrong on one job or a project take so long. Or at least she did before she was told she was off the project (meaning: don't provide service to this customer any longer unless she opens her wallet again). If someone had told me this would happen, I would not have believed it. And Lowes absolutely refuses to apologize or to tell me that they will make things right. I have tried to be patient and understanding, but these people would try the patience of Job. In the past year we have spent almost 60k at Lowes and planned to have vinyl siding installed and more work done but Lowes will never get another penny from us. When I told the executive customer service representative this, he nearly came out and said, "yeah, whatever ". I have never seen anything like this before. No one cares. Customers are only vehicles for their wallets. They take 100% payment up front and provide service at their leisure. And the customer is always wrong.
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When you have work done by a contractor through Lowes or Home Depot you never know who will be working on your home. They hire the lowest price contractors they can find and then mark up their charges.

You are better off going through the work of locating your own contractor.

That way you can check references and know exactly who will be working in your home. You will often end up paying less as well as you don't pay the stores mark up on the contractors labor.


This complaint is a long chapter in a book.


The book being Lowes terrible track record or my complaint?


Your snarky comment would carry more weight if you attached a name to it. Anonymous, you are very busy attacking anyone who files a complaint against Lowes. One could be forgiven for wondering if you are employed by the company.


I do not reply to all complaints against Lowes.I do not work at Lowes or at any DIY store.I work in an entirely different industry.

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Lowes Kitchen Remodeling
  • Coordination of project
  • Unbelievably poor service
  • Very frustrated and done with lowes
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Poor customer service

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