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Lowes states that it is proud to offer millitary members and veterans a 10% discount but now wants you to register on their site where a third party will be verifying your military status. This is a major insult!

Our Id card is not replicable and has noticeable features on it thatr warrants validity of its own merit! Those of you doing this with Lowes failerd to learn while you were in the military! REALLY! Do you really want all these entites knowing all your information???

If you do this, they know where you live and know your personal information; far too much information for for a store to need to know. Not sure about anyone else, I will "NOT!" be shopping at Lowes until they get their head out and eliminate this extremely *** idea. If their employies are cheating the system they need to put cameras up and moniter transactions!

Needless to say, they won't be getting any of my inform,ation. Going to Home Depot from now on, they don't pull *** like this!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #1340196

I put a complaint stating almost exactly what you have said! So glad I'm not the only one that see's this as very wrong on lowes part.


Yet another vet crying about a discount. You are NOT entitled to a discount.

Be thankful for the stores that offer a discount and abide by the program they have set up to get the discount.

There are far to many ways to abuse a system and their verification is to prevent fraud. Why is it that vets seem to be the only group of deserving people that complain about discounts?

to Anonymous #1340197

You're a ***! It's not about the discount it's about lowes wanting our personal information to submit it to a third party there is way to much spam and fraud this information shouldn't have to be submitted to additional companies to verify ...btw name another job that you leave your family for endless months not knowing if you could for all for about 2k a month!! Yeah didn't think you could either

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