Memphis, Tennessee

I bought a generator from Lowe's but I didn't need to use it until my power went off, it would not start, Johnnie Shaw & Stenefno Douglas would not change it because I could not find my receipt he could see it was new I have looked everywhere I can't find the receipt at my age I have a hard time remembering, Igot it in March or April last year I just want it relplaced he said it had gas in it, that is the only way to try to start it.

Thank you

Forrest J Porter


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Don't blame Lowe's you are to blame too. How do they know that it is NEW, they can't tell.

I have had mine for 3 yrs and it still looks new. You blew it when you didn't put your receipt up. They only keep your history for 3 months and it is up to you to keep that information. Don't try to put it off on Lowe's or any other store.

Take some responsibility in that you didn't check it out and how do they know you didn't run it every day for all this time and wear it out? They don't.

SO you blew it. SOrry, but that is just the way it is.


That thing should have been started immediately and once a moth there after. Otherwise how can you be confident when you need it.

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