Columbus, Ohio

My local Lowes store #2852 is a joke! They have the worst managers who seem to be in excrutiating pain when asked to do something and seem to be miserable!

Either Lowe's should fire these people or pay them more to buck up! I'm not "pissed" because there is a funny cashier kid who always seems to help me out and crack a joke. Also today I saw a guy in there with a parrot on his shoulder!

Isn't that against some health codes? Fire the managers and get some more respectable people in there who care about the customers and know how to smile!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Cashier.

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Seriously Homos how old are you? We live in a world where your brother or mother or sister could be *** or *** I know many gays who work for Home depot and Lowes keep your racial comments in your +++++ head know one gives a poo !! YOU are the reason the world is so MESSED up GROW UP


qsk50 - Home Depot also employs homosexuals. Since statistics show 10-14% of Americans are homosexuals and therefore employed at every large American corporation; online shopping may be just the solution for you.

They are also employed at your local businesses including gas stations, grocery stores, clothing stores, hardwares, lumber companies, bars, locally owned restaurants and fast food restaurants. some of the *** members of our church are highly respected members of the community and rightfully so.

They are doctors, lawyers, managers, police officers, firemen and more importantly they are good spiritual people. One *** couple just celebrated their 46th anniversary and I have known them both since the day they were born - good Christian women.


I don't joke with anyone since we all don't have the same since of humor and some people may find your humor offensive so I just keep it all retail business. However they always smile and say.."tHE RESTROOMS RIGHT OVER THERE SIR". vERY HELPFUL


I'm sorry you had such a terrible experience. Not all of us are like that.

I try and make my customers smile and leave happy and joke with them and if there is a problem call someone right away to try and fix it. Maybe you could try a different store?


Try a Local Independant Hardware store. They are helpful, friendly, and courteous. You may pay a little more but you will get a quality product in a pleasant manner.


Tell him about it.

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QSK you are kidding right. homophobe.

Or are just a closet queen afraid of coming out of the closet. And as for Jas, you're just jealous, you want a big long bird on your should too.


:( I am waiting for lowes to open

so i can close my account with them.

I have had enough of there policy

of hiring gays,homos,and *** ect.

not only are they ignorant but the in your face attitude is not acceptable.

am going with H.Depot.

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