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The Lowes appliance Service Advantage product should be called Service Nightmare. In 2020, we spent just over $4,000 at Lowes on kitchen appliances for our newly built home.

Included was an LG Combination Wall-Oven / Microwave with an 5-year extended warranty plan. At less than 2-years-old, the LG unit has failed DANGEROUSLY three times, with arcing, popping, flames, and heavy smoke during each occurrence. Three successive repairs (through the plan) have involved changing major microwave components (magnetron, transformer, diode, fuse) as many times, and finally, entire circuit boards as well, resulting in an appliance that LG has declared unrepairable. Yet the hopelessly inept Lowes appliance warranty contractor, Assurant, has now forced me to file another claim, and has scheduled yet another service call !!!

(Incompetency at its finest)

Lowes has been USELESS!

Assurant has been USELESS!

Only the 3rd party field service technicians (LG and A&E) seem to have any concept of providing professional customer service. I have spent days online, have made numerous unsuccessful trips to the Lowes store, and have literally spent HOURS on HOLD on the phone with Assurant representatives who

have sent me on innumerable transfers from department to department in endless loops of completely unsuccessful communication.

Representatives REFUSE to give names, employee #, or direct contact info for follow-up. AND IT STILL ISNT OVER !

My expectations for an acceptable resolution to this ridiculous situation are lower than low.

My advice to any Lowes shoppers who are considering buying into the LOWES SERVICE ADVANTAGE scam is.DONT !!!

Note: We love the LG combination wall oven (model LWC3063ST) when it works.

User's recommendation: Do NOT purchase an appliance extended warranty that involves Assurant.

Location: Hampstead, North Carolina

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