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I will tell you that I bought a washing machine for 500 Dollars and was told their would be a $ 50.00 Dollar rebate and saw signs for the 50 Dollar rebate everywhere. Today I received a letter denying my claim for the rebate because it did not have a qualifying item on it. Really,really lame. I sure somewhere in the fine print I am not entitled to the rebate. The rebate was not a consideration in the purchase of the washing machine, but the rejection of the rebate has really put a negative view of Lowe's in my mind. so have fun with the Fifty Dollars and I will remember being mislead by your employees and your fine print whenever I drive by your stores.

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Please understand the store has zero control over the rebates which are from the manufactures. Not the store.

Perhaps if you had actually gone in to talk to a manager they would have taken fifty bucks off. Food for thought for next.

to Anonymous Boston, Massachusetts, United States #685150

The store is where the rebate has been offered. The store is using the rebate to make sales.

The sales people know what the policy of the rebates are. The store control is to

use this information the way they see fit.

Which is why I will vote with my feet and use establishments.

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