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I went to Lowes to buy a washer and dryer, after picking which one I wanted I was told by the assoc. that I did spend enough to get a $150.00 rebate from the company that sold the washer and dryer.

I was given a rebate form and they made a copy of my bill for me to send in to get my rebate. About 4-weeks later the company stated that I did not spend enough too get the rebate. I called Lowes corp. 5 times and spoke to about 8 people who gave the run around.

My question was why did the sales person tell me I would get a rebate, give me the form and copy the bill for me too send off, was it to make the sales quota for the day.

All I got was the run around they have my money and that is all that matters to Lowes. Never will shop at Lowes again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Rebate.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I recently bought washer and dryer lowes employee said I had a rebate but rebate center said otherwise no misled by employee figures total *** as usuall


Lowes did reach out to me and offered to give me 50% of the rebate for all the trouble. I accept the offer and it is over thank to all for support and comments


the question should be do the public have access to the rebate forms, 1- ( are they sitting on a table at Lowes, can you down load them from your computer etc. ) if not then the question is 2- ( can you only get them from a worker from Lowes ) If the answer is #1 then Lowes should not honor the rebate, but if the answer is #2 the Lowes should honor the rebate.

Stop making excusses for the company and worker and trying to put blame on the buyer must people don't read rebate forms because you don't have to put your private information on the form like (ss# ,cc#, banking info, etc ). So if the question of WHY rebate given in the first place is not answered your statement is worthless, valueless, and *** ola.


Yes I think the person works for Lowes in retail because they went to back the worker when the person who posted used the term (quota) but early in the same sentence they ask (why did rebate come up) paraphrase no backing for the person who posted statement at all pure company person from Lowes.


to the person that worked in retail. Question the worker gave the buyer the idea that they would get a rebate by given a rebate form, copy of bills and told the buyer how to send and retrieve the rebate, is it possible the buyer thought the worker knew what they were doing and the store worker was competent at their job.

I agree with one replier if the worker did not bring up the rebate maybe no post would have been made.

In this case most people don't read the form because they think the store worker was trained and know their jobs. I side with the buyer 100%.


I think it would be helpful if someone would explain why the sales person stated that the buyer was do for a rebate, if the buyer was not told about a rebate would we be talking about this. It looks like the sales person gave the rebate form and instruction to recover money, again it sounds like the sales person overstepped their job requriments

@hampton Va

It looks like the salesperson misunderstood the rebate requirements which were listed on the rebate form the poster filled out. Something must have led both of them to believe the purchase qualified.

The rebate wasn't mentioned till after the decision was made to purchase appliances.

The rebate would have been a nice bonus, but there is really no loss as if it hadn't been brought up the poster would have been perfectly happy with the purchase. The salesperson was just trying to be helpful and made a mistake in reading the rebate form which was repeated when it was filled out and sent in by the poster.


The first reply appears to be sent by a boss or supervisor in the front office at Lowes. You notice they never said the sales person was wrong in the first place to mention the rebate and tried to place 50% of the problem on the buyer, sad


No, don't work for Lowes but put a lot of years in retail. If you re-read the comment the last sentence says it looks like both the salesperson and the poster misunderstood what was required to get the rebate. It would be interesting to see a copy of the rebate form to see what both the salesperson and the poster were seeing that led them to believe the purchase qualified.


From what I read the buyer picked a product to buy and was given false information by the sales person, did the buyer buy other stuff from Lowes thinking they would get $150.00 in rebates I don't know, but the sales person is at fault don't put any blame on the buyer


I think the person buying the washer and dryer is out something $150.00 that they were entitled to get according to the sales person. Training is the issue on Lowes part, if that the case should we believe anything the sales person tell us.


if the sales person knew and did their job the person buying the product would not have to post anything. I think the store should honor what the sales person did.

Again the buyer was given the rebate form and their bill copied and told what to do to get the rebate. I would have sent it back too, I don't fault the buyer at all.


My guess is that like the salesperson, you to may have made a mistake or two in your life, unless you can walk on water.


What does it have to do with his making his sales quota. According to your post it wasn't until after you decided on which washer and dryer you wanted that he brought up the rebate.

You really aren't out anything. Seems like you would have noticed the error when you filled out the rebate form.

I can't remember filling out a rebate form that didn't spell out the requirements of the rebate. Looks like both the salesperson and you as well misunderstood what qualified.