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I called Lowes claims number 01/12/14 around 10:30am to report that my Samsung HE washer dumped 10 gallons of soapy water onto my floor instead of the drum barrel. Thankfully, I have their purchase protection plan and a technician would be able to come out.

I set up an appointment window for that following tuesday, 01/14/14, since my husband had the day off and would be home. I was told that Brett from Choice Service Solutions would arrive between 8am & noon. Starting at 8:23 am on that tuesday my husband called the tech 4 times before noon, leaving a message each time. He also called customer care at Lowes to find out when said technician would show.

They told him that the appointment wasn't from 8am-12pm but 8am-5pm & the technician would call when he was on his way. He gave his phone number since I was at work, but the technician never called or answered his calls. At 12:05 pm I received a call and voicemail from Lowes stating how we got disconnected & the tech would call when he was in the area. At 12:32 pm I missed a call from the tech but called him back and left a message roughly 20 minutes later.

According to Lowes, because we called and left all together 6 missed calls for the technician and we had a single missed call from him, he wasn't going to be able to come out and fix our broken washer till the following saturday! When I demanded a manager, they provided no solution.

Rather, I could miss work and have a technician come out the next day OR wait till saturday. So even though we called 6 times and the technician called 1 time AND someone was home ALL DAY LONG, our washer is still broken!

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Why did you feel you needed to call the tech 4 times before noon? How is that going to get him there faster.

These guys are working on other peoples appliances. Do you expect them to put down what they are doing and talk on the phone. Interruptions just slow them down. Looks like he was running half an hour late as he called at 12:32 to let you know he was on his way.

What did you expect him to do when no one answered? He did what he should have done and went on to the next job. Once he is out of the area he can't come back or someone else won't get service. The unfortunate reality is you can't accurately predict how long a repair will take.

Sometimes a half hour job ends up being an hour.

The customer before you had a lot of questions and delayed the tech. There are many reasons they can run a little late.

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