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Lowes did a bath re-model last year and had Spafford Construction as the sub. They did an outstanding job and very professional.

So my wife and I decided to go it again for another bath remodel, and porcelain tile in the entire living area. So we contact Jennifer McKenzie in the Inverness Fl store and she helps us again design a bath with an early 1910's design Clawfoot tub, subway tile and dresser style vanity. This bath is small maybe 8X6. We meticuloiusly choose everything for the bath up to the black fixtures and matching everything.

While were there we have her direct us to the flooring dept. They take our money and set up a measurement appointment. The guy comes out, does his thing and advises he'll be in touch with us. A week or so goes by, nothing.

We call Jennifer to discuss the bath and advise her we havn't heard from the floor guy. She calls back and advises us that they told "her" that they don't remove old linoleum floors. No one called us back for this information. So again we discuss the bath reno.

Jennifer advises us that she will have her contractor do this service for a fee of @2,200.00. OK get it done. So back to the store to do more homework on the remodel picking out tile and also inquire about replacing a sliding door. Jennifer kindly brings us down to meet "Bill" the door expert.

Again he schedules a fitment appointment. a week or so goes by. Nothing After another call to Jennifer, the guy finally shows up. Takes his measurement.

The wife and I go in to select "design" our Pella 750 series door. While were there their having a sale on appliances. My wife is an outstanding cook, and asked about a new oven. Now off to the appliance dept.

Sold on a new convection oven it had to be ordered and that it would take a month for it to be delivered. Good, no problem the oven we have works fine. 2 weeks go by and a call from Lowes tells us that the oven is in and it will be delivered on Sunday, 2 weeks early. It comes damaged.

The driver tells my wife- we'll take it back and order another one. Off we go to breakfast and return home to a message on our voicemail. Stating we have to come in and re-submit our credit card so they can order another oven. I don't get that I never got the one I ordered.

I never ordered a smashed unit. Anyway, now we cancel that one and go straight to Home Depot and order the exact one and they had it delivered in 3 weeks. So now back to meet with "Tim" the manager, We asked Jennifer to have a manager present when coming in to sign a contract for the bath remodel and the floor. I ask Tim- Why should I sign on the dotted line for this?

He says Mr. Stephen what if I give you half the cost of your oven. I'm, done with the oven Home Depot has that. HE asks What can we do to have you sign for the work.

I ponder for a minute and came with "give me 30% off of the product of the bath and floor". We settle for a little less. However we reluctantly sign. Now were back to the sliding door.

He says he's going to come out with the subcontractor and check on the installation of the door. They say the home is a frame wall and the door needs special order clips for the install. They show up at my home and insist that it's a frame house, I beg to differ and advise them that it's a block wall. Anyway I'm right as the installer found out.

You think a contractor might be able to do the math and figure this out. Anyway. during the demo the sub gouges my bath door. said nothing to us about what they did.

Now that the tub is a claw foot tub and the plumbing comes from the floor and not the wall, they re-route the plumbing to under the slab. Making *** 5" deep and about 16" around. I took photo's of this after the demo. The next day after the ceramic tile is installed I see that the hole is covered with tile and the tub.

That's strange Yesterday there's *** now a day later tile I tap on the tile and hear Tink, Tink, Tink. Tiled over *** and grouted it. No concrete fill nothing. Did I mention the plumber did the tile also.

Same day, My wife's home thankfully. The subway tile is up and the decorative black rope top is in place. The plumber/tile guy now uses a piece of transition metal used for floor transitions as a top rail over the unfinished edge of the rope. Mt wife sees this and inquires the store.

Jennifer and Burton come out and decide that they made a mistake and have a black bullnose tile brought to the house the next day. Now the plumber/tile guy starts to install the bullnose tile. At the corner where it's coming straight down the wall along side the tub, he doesn't make a 45^ cut, he butts it and goes on his way. Again My wife thankfully is home and has this corrected by the plumber/tile guys helper.

This guy knows more than his boss? Now off to an antique mirror that was explained before the job was signed had to be hung. Another failure. He doesn't have the right thing to hang it, and really is lost on how to do it.

This doesn't get done for another week. Now the clawfoot tub has a shower ring suspended from the ceiling. You would have thought that this was puzzle. The plumber cuts the metal tubing with his tool of the trade a pipe cutter.

With this he collapses the tubing where the adjusting sleeve is to go and now will not work,. Tells my wife he'll come back the next day as it's going take 3 hrs to install it. Any way cut to the chase I now advise them that they can start on the tile throughout the house. Here we go again The removal of tile squares- Well being charged 2200.00 for this The "crew" of 1 shows up.

Removes 1 that's right 1 tile from the family room floor and tells my wife that the guitars I have plugged in are not gonna be moved by him, and leaves. My wife calls the contractor and was advised that the next day they would be back with more help 4 guys. Well- 3 show up 2 men to remove the existing junk and the other to start tiling. We came home from work and see that only the family room tile was removed.

140 sq feet. That's it!! Another call was placed and the reps from Lowes and the owner of the contracting company ABC from Ocala Florida show up and discuss this failure with his subs. So I'm now home from work and watch the day as there are 3 guys now.

2 laying tile in the family room and the other now working his way through the dining room. Removing 1 tile ever so slow. I get into work mode and began to work the next 6 hours with this guy using a heat gun to assist in this task. 30 minutes in to the tiling the installer comes to me and explains that because the tile is 4' lengths there are irregularities in the tile, with bows and crowns in it.

This is not that big a deal as it's a rustic wood grain and it adds character like real wood. HE asks Do you want to see it? Sure I get up and enter the family room He's got the tile going in the opposite way from the Lowes book. Should have run parallel with the longest wall, which is from the front door to the rear.

So up comes 140 sq ft of tile. After telling me that it was discussed. If it was discussed, I might have been invited to the discussion. Anyway Job's done!!

so many shortcuts including the drywall that I didn't even mention here. But I'm sure you all get the message!!!

Go elsewhere for your re-modeling needs $26,000 of reno and completely unhappy with the craftsmanship. Thank Goodness my wife and I were home to see the majority of the "Screwups"

Reason of review: Poor craftsmanship.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Cons: Workers in rush do not take pride in work.

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