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I have lived a nightmare. It all started when my original contractor made a mistake with my shower stall. He installed the shower base and last, he "tried" to install the shower doors, they were too big.

I lost $400 (could not return the stall, as the base was already installed) so I proceeded to order custom made doors at Lowes (cost $850). Lowes told me I should get them in 2 weeks, never happened.

When they finally called me after numerous follow up calls, and 21 days later, it took 7 days to schedule with the installer.

When the installer arrived with the doors, he discovered the hardware was missing, so he left. I was furious, I called Lowes which they sent someone to hand deliver the missing hardware but the installer was long gone.

When I called the installer myself, he told me he could not come back until the following week....???? the doors are in the bathroom along with the hardware, yet the installer proceeded to put me at the bottom of his list. After begging him to do sooner, he agreed to come back in 2 days. Never happened. Never returned my calls, has not returned Lowes managers Lowes tells me they will do the best they can with another installer, but can't guarantee me the exact day. I'm at their mercy.

I called their 1-800 number to complain and guess what? They transferred me back to the store.

This shower stall has costs me over $1000, and over a month later, I still don't have any doors.....I am sick to my stomach with this as I have out of town visitors coming in 2 days, I will never shop at Lowes again or recommend to anyone.

If they promise you anything, please ask them to put it in writing and sign it.

Monetary Loss: $850.

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CXL your Lowes *** Card.the want to screw me over a $5.00 paint rebate. kiss my ***.


Situations like this can be frustrating. Your original contractor should have been involved with the purchase of all fixtures being installed.

This would have saved you time, headaches, and money. The good contractors insist on it.


One of the things I have learned the hard way, is never purchase anything and expect someone else to install it.

A true contractor will chose what gets installed, how, and how much. They also expect some markup in what gets installed.

Unfortunately subcontractors is just a fancy term to induce you into buying something you will regret later.