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Lowes in Springfield, Missouri - Written up for leaving work ON TIME?!

Today I was informed by a head cashier that I was written up the night before for, "not letting the ASM know I was leaving." I was unaware that myself and the ASM was married and I had to let him know when I leave every day. I was scheduled until 9:30 at night, and I expect to leave at that time. Funny thing is that I didn't actually leave "on time," I left at 9:45. I have been treated horribly there for over a year now and something is about to go down. There will be a scene that will make the whole company look bad.
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I will not be filling an application nor shopping there for most anything i can get the lowest price on pretty much everything at menards and the best quality at homedepot and its either quality or price example wire its all the same in terms of standards or plumbing then we have stuff like the brackets to mount a 2x4 across your backdoor they are much thicker wider and accept much bigger screws at homedopt so when quailty matters go for the best double the price but not gonna go to lowes for a halfway to save 2 dollars not to mention they have issues with orders they screw it all up likely at the payment center leaving you with no option to debate once you sign the papers with all the apreviations that nobody can understand home depot you can compare part numbers and such no 22''lng 35 in dp-3/4 counter then they tell you ya that is 22 feet long and then they deleiver a sliver of a counter and charge you for 22 feet i have heard a few stories like that


Totally know what you mean. I wasted 6 years of my life at Lowes. One of the most messed companies I have ever worked for.


Go right ahead and embarrass yourself. More than likely you got written up because you left late, without authorization.


I left late because they lock the doors at night and I couldn't leave on time. And I actually won't be the one embarrassed. I will just let them know why nobody at the entire likes it there and how *** their operations there are.


you are an ***

@ha ha

haha, you're a *** and apparently haven't worked at Lowe's. Go choke on a ***. (directed toward Tampa, Florida person)^

@ha ha

You people must be ASM's since your laughing about this. Bunch of *** I quess.


If the store was closing at 9 and you were scheduled until 9:30, then you need to bring it to the Head Cashier and/or ASM's attention and ask if you could leave early at 9 or stay until 10. Head Cashier has to go through the ASM anywayss for approval, but it is polite to ask to ensure that she doesn't need your help after close.

It is store policy that no one leaves alone, so I am betting that is why you did not get out at your scheduled 9:30 leave.

I have never heard of any of my cashiers being written up for leaving late, but it does not entirely surprise me. I would approach HR and your ASM about it and ask how they expect you to get off at 9:30 when the store closed at 9 and didn't let you out until 9:45 when I am assuming everyone else that worked the closing shift left as well.

@Prior CSA

I got two words for ya! LOWE`S BLOWES!!!!!

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