12730 Tamiami Trl E, Naples, FL 34113
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I reciently encountered a sistuation I never had before!

My history includes over 30 years in sales and reciently served as a CAT Petroleum Engine National Major Account Rep. A couple of tid-bits of our philosophy was to serve our customers with high qualty and respectiful service.

To go out of the way to serve them to establish a lon-tern relationship with honest performance.

Here is my sistation I encountered...

Reciently, I attemped to purchase a very small product... an air compressor!

Upon arrival to the store located at 12730 Tamiami Trl E. in Naples, Florida.

I noticed an air compressor I needed and wanted to purchase. I noticed that this unit was the only one of its kind on the shelf.

As advertised "on the unit" I asked the clerk if this was the only item in the store ... she said yes, there was only one and that was it. She said to take it.

Some floor-manager stopped me and said I can’t take that item and "ripped" the advertised sale sticker right off the unit and said I couldn’t have this and walked off. I thought that was extremely rude!

A volunteer heard me talking to my wife about this event and asked me if everything was ok.

(He saw that I was upset). I told him no and gave him the story. He asked if I wish to talk to a manager and I agreed.

When a man named "Kent" the manager came, I showed him the picture of the unit and explained my case and he in turn started to look up the product instead of listening to me and reviewing the picture of the advertised sale label on the unit. At one instant he agreed with me then turned toward the picture and inventory availability.


he elected to turn about! He then made reference to the "original store price" and then said he would "not" honor the advertised price and offered me a slight reduction in the original store price NOT the advertised price. He stood by this decision. The volunteer, standing by, was also in shock and suggested for the manager to offer a discount on another unit that was smaller.

The "assistant" manager offered a $7-dollar discount on that smaller unit. This was NOT the unit I wanted. I said, well I don’t think that this is right and fair that you advertise a product with a sale price then retract the item from his hands when he wants it. Even if it was a mistake, this is NOT a good sales policy/tactic.

I said never mind, I don’t want the item in this case and left.

The next day, after thinking about this issue and after a few friends of mine made suggestions, I went back to try to reason with this assistant manager. Respectfully, I said, I am a loyal customer that shops at this store at least 3 or more times a week, I am a permanent resident and I respond to many sales item advertisements. I then said I don’t think that this situation is fair and right and I was thinking of reporting this issue to the BBB and making reference to the store, situation and his name. Mr.

Kent, the store assistant manager then became irate, insulting and threating and promised me that if I did, he would legally come after me! I then said "Is this your policy on how to treat your customers?", "Is this Lowes policy how to treat their customers?" I mentioned that I see many many advertised products where I was standing and NOW, I have doubts if any of these advertisements are good and honest. He made it clear to me in a threatening way that there was no way e is going to honor this and I said (in a low voice, this is no good and I'm going to Home Depot" he said GO! I then left!

My feeling for Lowes at this time is not good!

I live about a mile from the store and I will drive 10 miles to Home Depot if I need anything. It was originally about the price and not it’s the fact of how I was treated the reason I feel the way I do now.... totally unprofessional and disrespectful!

I then made a formal complaint with the national phone number of Lowes and to make a long story short, Mr. Martin Gaillot (Lowes Store Manager) call me back.

He was a very nice and understanding man! Very professionl and a man who listen to my entire story. I sent him pictures of this incident we then hung up so he could review them and get back to me later. He did, and was very nice and understanding again and honored my request to purchase the sales advertised price unit AS ADVERTISED!

(as per the picture). On the advertisement that was attached to the unit the items description was clear and easily interpeted. He said he is at the store right now and he will put the unit at the counter for me to pick it up. I asked what time they close and he said 10:00 pm.

It was 9:00 pm at this time and I said I would be right over. When I arrived, I saw that the store was closed? I found out soon after, after I called him back, he was NOT in Naples but Marrero, Louisiana. I have no idea why or how I got him other than the fact that I used to live in Marrero and they had reference to my name, history and phone number as a Marrero number.

So, he then said he would reach-out to the Manager here in Naples, but can guarantee they will honor the purchase.

He said he would call me the next day in the afternoon. So, I am currently waiting.

The next day I did not recieve any call at all and therefore attempted to contact the Naples Lowes store again to talk to a manager. A "Floor Manager" got on the phone and I asked to talk to a "General Store Manager" ...

I am still waiting!!!

Please follow up with me soon!

Below, you will see the unit in question and samples of other advertised products. I have doubts now if these advertised products are true or honest...

Brent Jeansonne

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Lowes Cons: Missrepresentation of an advertised product.

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Wow. You really want that compressor. It is a nice blue color though.