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Here is more details. 2016 December We were replacing all our appliances.

We went to Lowe's store in Dale City Virginia, order the appliances we liked (Microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher) we paid for it same day few thousands. Delivery was scheduled few days later, without dishwasher they said " very popular model they have to order from manufacturer we were Okay with date Feb.22 almost 2 months. And day before delivery some body and confirmed. We were expecting delivery of microwave and refrigerator but only refrigerator come out truck they did not have microwave.

Delivery driver told me "I should get in touch with store." I called the store, (here we started) the person who answer the phone did not mention it was Lowe's Store, and she was talking like I just wake her up.(of course this how I felt, it was only my opinion I could be wrong but??????) after listen my problem she put me on HOLD maybe 10 min. and some other person came on line asked phone number first could not find my order put on HOLD again maybe 10 min. more and came back told me that micro- wave was their and they forgot to put in truck. I said to myself " go pick it up." They after not next they I went to store to get my microwave after waiting about 15 to 20 minutes they could not find the micro.

I said " I talked with some one micro. was there and forgot to load on." They told me wait little and went funded Manager and talked to him he was sorry but micro. never arrived to store. I end up complaining to him.

He said he was sorry but NO result, when micro. arrives they would call us. This unsolved prob- lem take few days and least 4 to 5 phone calls and stay on hold for few hours. Next problem, about week or 10 days pasted some body calls us left some massage on phone from Lowe's (before Feb 22) we called back person said "why we were waiting till Feb.22 they had micro and dishwasher in store, they want to schedule delivery for us." We said " great " here we schedule for 5 or 6 days later but day before delivery some one called they said they do not have the products.

I wanted to talk with person, who called and we schedule date. Was not there. Again put me on hold few times and few diff- rent person finally I end up meeting on the phone store manager that is how he introduce him self. I had to explained my self again.

He started saying, or explain things to me, we were having some kind of talk between us and HE CALLS ME " BUDDY " Buddy is not a bad word, but while I was talking with him (about 10-15 minutes) with his words and way he was carrying conversation made feel un- comfortable. Because of my accent he started talking to little foreigner guy. I felt that is why he called me BUDDY, I WAS NOT. And problem was not solved they were going to call me.

Same they I complain some lady called us and she was really understanding and nice which is I really appreciate. Few days later I received phone call Micro. was arrived I decided to go pick it up myself. Went to store they had hard time finding the micro.

Waiting 20 minutes or so some came micro was not there I had enough disgusted, frustrated I want to get my money back but I really want my product I asked for manager but he was not there manager on duty was front end/customer service manager have to handle the problem. Some how micro. was there some corner they fund it, and I learned dishwasher (that model) was discontinuous I wonder how much longer I would wait it. And she offer me replacing the dishwasher with different one (better one).

Last problem my wife stop by and pay the bill in same store from her debit/checking account, some how cashier made mistake charged twice that is in my bank statement but Lowe's credit department says there is only one payment was made ($42.28) now I am running around to correct this problem. Of course many phone calls, put on holds, few different person. Very tiring, and discussed solved the problem. (wait and see this is the advice they give me.) I still shop in the Lowe's bought other refrigerator but more careful.

I am still hoping it will get better. with the date.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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