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Call Albert Lea store and asked if they had white christmas trees, I was told by some one in the Tool Dept, Oh yes, I am looking at them come on up. We drove 70 miles to look at white christmas trees and found out they never had white trees at all.

We ended up buying a green tree made by GE (Just Cut pre-lit) tree,it was the last one and had no box, the information on the tree said it had a 3 year limited warranty and we have no warranty card to send in. Plus the top of the tree is not strong enough to support any tree topper, so I spend additional $10.00 to have a large red ribbon made to finish it off. I could not believe that beautiful tree had to way to support our lighted star, angel or anything. The poll goes from bottom to top and is atleast one and a half inches around.

Nice sturdy tree, but still nothing to support a tree topper. Please pass this on to GE. The manager at the Albert Lea store was very nice.

But just want to know how we get the warranty card and why GE has no contact information with the tree. Thank You

Monetary Loss: $260.

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Really..YOU make the choices ...EVERY choice and decision in buy ing this tree but now you want to blame EVERYONE ELSE for YOUR decision making? You have no "cause and affect" in your thinking.

You need mental health, at least. Im sure your a real treat to be around with your thinking the way it is.

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