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My husband and I purchased Mohawk Wear Dated carpet from Lowe's

and it was installed on May 7, 2010. The carpet was represented to have a 15 year warranty.

Since we are in our 60's we expected that we would not have to re-carpet our home again. However, within 6 to 7 months we began to notice problems with the carpet. The heavy traffic areas (i.e. in front of our chairs, under the computer desk and the entrance from the kitchen into the living room) were fuzzy and it was apparent that the carpet was flawed.

We filed a claim with Mohawk – they passed it off to Wear Dated who denied our claim, stating there was not a problem with the carpet. Then both Mohawk and Lowe's denied any responsibility. The claims adjuster that Lowe's sent out stated he could see that the carpet looked like a fuzzy sweater and that it was apparent there was a problem with the carpet. Admittedly, all Lowe's did was to sell an inferior product.

Mohawk and Wear Dated manufactured the carpet and represented it as a quality product. Additionally, they gave this carpet a 15 year warranty. However, it turns out the warranty is no good because they will not admit that there is a problem with the carpet. I want everyone to know not to buy Mohawk or anything Wear Dated.

I would also encourage you not to buy carpet from Lowe's. All of the entities involved went through the motions of handling our claim, but I know when I have been HANDLED! I will continue to shop for other items at Lowe's, but next time I need to buy carpet I will go elsewhere. I can guarantee that I will not buy anything with the Mohawk or Wear Dated name.

The quality leaves so very much to be desired and the warranty is apparently only a feel good at the time of purchase kind of thing. Please tell everyone you know what I have shared to make sure this does not happen to anyone else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

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I am about to start the claim process - and the number I was given states I can't call it from my calling area - so I can't even get started with Mohawk. My carpet is only two years old and it too shows a lot of wear in the traffic areas.

This carpet is in our master bedroom; the carpet I have in my living room is 15 years old and looks better than this new stuff.

We don't even wear shoes in our house and there are only two of us living there - I am really concerned how this is going to go. If anyone as a different phone number for Mohawk - let me know!


I agree wholeheartedly with you about Lowe's attitude towards their customers. They did the same thing to me, going through the motions of handling my claim (their opener installer broke my garage door), while they probably just made a paper airplane out of it and threw it in the trash!