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Lowes in Helena, Montana - Refused to give me my veterans discount

My wife & I were in the Missoula, Mt. store and we bought some plants and when we paid for them the cashier refused to give me the vets discount. Said I had to have a picture ID.When I was discharged after spending 13 months in Korea from July 1953 to August 1954 & I had my DD214 with me to prove it she became very rude and told me it had to be a picture. Back then they didn't put pictures on them. Thank You.The date was May 14th and check was made out for the sum of $35.77
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Quit your whining "Discrimination" :cry

Cops do not lay their lives down for this country! Being a cop is way down at the bottom of the list of dangerous jobs! Truckers and construction workers have a MUCH higher job mortality rate than cops! They also lay their lives down for their country! Why not everyone get the discount?

Cops are "order followers" who are the biggest part of the problem why this country is becoming a police state! When was the last time you heard of a cop that arrested their buddy cops, judges, politicians, banksters, etc for the same things they throw the book at the rest of us for?

Cops facilitate corruption constantly! They are ALL, yes 100%, oathbreakers! When a cop has to decide between obeying their oath or following an order to violate their oath they choose to "follow orders" and "just do their job!"

Why shouldn't cops get everything free? They push for free *** all the time from doughnut shops!

Quit your blubbering :cry :cry :cry


I was at Lowe's today in Lubbock, Tx and asked about the discount and they said yes I could get one if I showed an ID. I handed them my Department of Veterans Affairs ID card from the VA clinic I go to and that was good enough. Got my 10% discount.


I'm a Lowe's employee and a veteran and this absolutley ticks me off. It's employees like this that give the whole crowd a bad name.

Did you ask to speak to a manager, surely we don't have 2 idiots working the same area at the same time. I'm am so sorry that you didn't feel welcome and appreciated. Absolutley un-called for. The hard part is that most people don't even know what a DD-214 is.

That and your drivers lisence should have sealed the deal or we should have just given it to you for the sake of arguement. Sir, not all Lowe's employees act this way.


I'm a Vet. and according to people I have spoken to you can get your 10% discount any day of the year.

So they must not like US Vet's anymore? Love to hear what the CEO has to say about that!


What about police officers that put there life on the líne every day? Why don't they get a discount? Many of them have died for their country.


Forget about it Lowes has *** for appliances anyhow, they either break quick or start out needing serviced. Everything they have that takes an electric plug is a "contractor grade" "second" from whatever factory in China it came from.

Go somewhere else and buy what you need. Welcome Home.


I would like to meet you "f14 mech" as you seem like an up on Vets policy kind of person that appreciates other vets. I offerd to show her my current valid CDL License but she had her *** mind made up that I needed a Military ID..Oh Well.


As a Lowe's employee and a US Navy retiree (Yes i have seen combat) I would first like to apologize for your dissatisfaction and poor service. Stor policy is on "Patriotic holidays" a Vet will be given 10% off with a copy of DD214 and a valid picture ID. The ID can be a drivers license, passport, state ID etc.

With the complaint you have listed you stated "...the cashier refused to give me the vets discount. Said I had to have a picture ID." With the information you provided she would have been compliant with policy.

Now if you did show SOME form of valid picture identification and you were denied the discount you can simply ask to speak with the manager. It would have been handled at that time. It may be that the register attendant was untrained on policy.


I served 4 years in the Air Force ('62 to'66) and did not receive any ID when I was discharged. I carry a certified copy of my DD214 because other businesses also give discounts to veterans and have asked for proof of service.

It has been accepted by every store that gives a discount except the Lowe's in Sandusky, Ohio. I shop another Lowe's in Ohio and they have accepted it every time. They only ask that I show any picture ID to prove who I am. My driver's license has been accepted as proof and I receive my discount.

The Sandusky Lowe's policy sucks. It excludes 90% of 1, 2, 3, and 4 hitch veterans from the discount. Those are the vast majority of veterans who have fought in the wars.

I have nothing against "lifers," but many of them were non-combatants. Imagine what my Dad, who was at Normandy, France, the Rhineland, and Germany during WW2, would think (were he alive today) if he was in line behind a retiree who had a picture ID and got his discount and he was refused because he didn't.


I appreciate your service for our country. That being said you should appreciate their policy regarding picture I.D.'s.

It is a security measure to protect against fraud by preventing any Tom *** or Harry receiving something they didnt earn. Something that is reserved for our men and women who have or are protecting our great nation.


@nerdlinger, he probably doesn't carry it everywhere he goes. Did you pause to think that maybe he only brought it to Lowes for the discount?

Honestly, the DD214 and his driver's license should've been all that was needed.

I work retail, and I would've accepted it. If I was denied the discount, I would've asked for a manager and if that didn't work, would've left without buying anything.


the dd214 was accepted on memorial day weekend for the ones that pass judgement without knowing the facts because they are ignorant for one thing.


Sam you are the sorry S.O.B. and you do have a sorry *** If you are a vet I am sure that you have been told over and over DO NOT CARRY you dd214 member 4 with you

There is no "vet ID" however there is a VA ID card or your retired military ID card anyone can fake a DD214

Yours truly

USA 23 Year Retired Master Sergeant


If you served our country, Im not gonna scrutinize you and make you prove it, ESPECIALLY not on Memorial weekend. Because if you lie about something like that, you better hope the good lord is feeling merciful when he's judging your soul.

in summary, what that girl did was messed up regardless of what documentation you had or didn't have.


One question:

If you have a picture ID with your DD214 stamped on the back... why didn't you just show them that?

Why would you have your long form DD214 with you? That doesn't make sense and I'm a service member.


You sorry S.O.B if you come to Missoula Mt. I'll show you the card I carry and the DD form 214 that is on the back of it and then you can KISS my sorry *** as you put it in front of the sorry Lowes store that we have. Do your homework before you pass judgement on something you know nothing about..

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