My husband now refuses to shop at Lowes at all. What I think Lowes thinks is this is going to hurt us. WRONG! We will be spending our hard earned money elsewhere. They will be hurt not us. Especially, if the manager at that location does this to other customers....it will hurt his so called store's bottom line. There are other hardware stores, lumber stores and plenty of garden centers in our area we can spend our hard earned money. We chose to go to Lowes out of convenience but no longer will.

And, they think this only affects us. WRONG again. My husband works at a location that when they have an bad situation with a local business, physician, etc it gets posted and all are informed about it. Word of mouth is much more effective than advertisements.

My husband is a United States Marine veteran & we used to shop at different locations of Lowes stores in our area of the east coast (New Bern, Morehead City, Jacksonville, Greenville & Swansboro). We are now in our third home in this location & have been talking about buying another home...maybe having one built...will we go to Lowes for anything....absolutely not. Trust me....I will also ask if the builder and contractors purchase supplies at Lowes...I will be telling them why I ask them that. I will hope they would consider purchasing elsewhere. I know the builder of our current home did not use Lowes.

What did my husband do wrong. You may not believe it but he got yelled at for asking a simple question. Yes, that is right.

The answer to the question should have simply been...if you do not have a military ID or DD214...you do not get a 10 percent VA discount at my store.

Yes...that is what happened. My husband asked, "do you honor the 10 percent off for veterans day...like the Lowes store we were at the day before?"

The only thing I could think of is the manager of that store was going to make an example of my husband for not having an military card or not having his DD214 paperwork with him proofing he was a Marine veteran.

We did not know that you had to have ID or DOD paperwork for veterans day weekend. All that should have been fully explained to us instead of getting chewed out.......mainly because the Lowes in New Bern, NC did not ask us for it on the same weekend.....anyway....if we had gotten an explanation of the stores policies for that holiday weekend..........we would have bought the stuff anyway and went on our merry way....then most likely been back at one of the Lowes for more stuff.

In the end my husband shut up and let the manager of the Lowes in Morehead City NC blow his stack. My husband even stayed when the manager yelled, "I will give you the 10 percent today but you need to leave my store and never come back!"

Yeh, that is right. My husband kept his calm and just stayed & bought the items. Now, I must say....I would not have. I would have left the items there and walked away.

But believe me...when my husband finally got to the truck....he firmly but in a calm tone......told me if he were not married......he probably would be in jail....because he would have gone back in there & beat that guy up. An quite honestly....I do know guys married & single that probably would have done just that. But then my husband told me he has finally grown up & has responsibilities & realizes that guy is not worth all that trouble.

I have a lot of respect for my husband for that.

On the way home I told my husband there is a phone number you can call to report this rude and uncalled for behavior. I knew that because I have had some friends that have worked at Lowes. And he looked it up on his smartphone & called to explain what happened. He was told he would get a call later & he did get a return call. We have since looked up on the Lowes website what their policy was for that day. I guess if we had our DD214 with us we would not have had a problem at least for that particular holiday weekend.

If we had been allowed the 10 percent & not gotten chewed out for asking a question....earlier we were talking about going back to get the lumber we wanted & probably would have done just that. By the way, we bought the lumber & some other items at another store later.

I just wanted to make these posts online so that other people will call the ONLINE COMPLAINT NUMBER when you come across rude behavior by the Lowes, Morehead City, NC store or any Lowes for that matter. Because being yelled at is not right. You do not have to put up with that kind of behavior. By the way, you can ask for the number by calling any of the Lowes stores in your area.

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Morehead City, North Carolina, United States #849778

I made a mistake when I ordered a stove in Lowes Morehead city NC. I paid for the stove in advance and had to wait for 2 weeks to get it.

When it was delivered it had scratches on the cooktop glass. I had to call Lowes manager Pete several time to have the stove exchanged, he told me to wait, wait, wait as they were so busy to come to my place to pick up the stove. Two weeks passed nobody from Lowes called me.

This is their policy: they know if you don't make them take the product back for 1 month it will be IMPOSSIBLE to return it That's why they are not in a hurry to do what they are supposed to do... I am very upset and will NOT purchase any more product in Lowes.

Jacksonville, North Carolina, United States #828823

How rude of that manager of Lowe's who started yelling at a customer who calmly and politely asked a simple question and did not cause any sort of scene or act like a *** at all.

I'm going to shop double at Lowe's now


Sorry to break it to you, but you not shopping at Lowes won't hurt them one bit. Also you're story is either fabricated or extremely exaggerated.

to SharkNasty #1716198

I had it happen with a employee of the electrical dept in Catskill ny. Customer service backed the employee. In turn he’s spread bad mouth about me locally.

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #828294


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