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First off, I was unhappy to find out my 6 foot Vinyl Fence panels were no longer stocked product. Also I had to find my old pamphlet at home and bring into Loews so they would acknowlegde that they sold it.

Second, I ordered 3 panels within the department via a floor rep and had to go to checkout and wait on line to pay. I paid in advance to wait 2 weeks for them to do a stock transfer to Morganville NJ.

Third, I arrived to pickup. They make you go to the Customer Service Dept. with receipt in hand. Jackie was having a *** day and provided me with an extension of her un professional attitude from previous customer contacts.

Forth, she sent an associate to get the 3 panels. He calls the Dept. a few minutes later and is quickly off the phone. Jackie in turn advised me that I would have to sign the pikup ticket and then I can go acrosss the buiding to the lumber dept and they will help me load it. I advised her that I'm going over there and not signing anything until I see the product I paid 265.00 dollars for. She immediately replied "If I don't accept the product I must sign the pickup ticket anyway so she can do a return". Well there was a reason she had that speech ready, the product was damaged. I returned to Jackie and suggested to discount the product for damage to the stock. She walked away without asking how much and spoke to a supervisor. She retuerned right away saying no they can only do a refund on the order since it was " a special order item" ha! No authority to make the sale.

So, I wrote on the ticket damaged in stock tranfer and initialed it before she rang up my credit card refund.

The Fifth error on their part, I asked her to re-order it and she said she can't. I can ONLY re-order it by going back to the department where the fences are and have one of the floor reps order it! NO authority again!

Well, I didn't order it. I'm spending my money on a new fence at another store.

Now I lost 2 weeks, I can't install it during my time off work and now I need more time to find another fence!

Oh yeah, the other time Lowes struck out swinging was when I bought 3 rooms of carpet from this same store and the print was so stretched out on the roll they couldn't match the pattern when they tried to seem it. They gave me a 250 discount then, so I even bought a BBQ grill from them. I'm glad I put it together myself because it still works!

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Some of your points are valid but others aren't her fault. Just as you don't walk into the grocery store and expect the cashier to pull a couple of steaks out of the meat counter, the service desk doesn't write sales orders.

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