Virginia Beach, Virginia

4/11/13 I am moving and I picked up a moving package at the post office and applied for a 10% discount coupon to be mailed to me within 2-3 business days.4/18/13 I call customer serivce and they said they would email me the coupon . 4/22/13 I have purchased several items at the Lowes in Glouceter Va but I still do not have a coupon.I have spent over 1,000.00 in the last two weeks. I was told they would still give me the discount if i get the coupong within 30 days but it's been 15 days and I'm beginning to think this offer is not realistic.In addition, the person who is moving to my old address is having the same issue.

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When I moved, I just followed the directions, provided the information (such as my new mailing address), and the next day I received the 10% discount coupon that I printed out. My husband did this as well. This could honestly be your fault as much as it could be Lowes.

Naples, Florida, United States #640488

The discount coupon card is glued to the front of the moving packet. I still have several from our move left. Our postal carrier left me a *** load in my box when I told her we were moving.

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