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I do not like seeing non-service animals in Lowes. Today there was a PitBull riding in a cart—definitely not a service dog.

1–my family has allergies to animal fur. We shouldn’t have to be exposed to this in a home improvement store. A pet store, I understand. But not here!!!!

2-for people who say these are your children, I can sympathize, but my children wore diapers. Tonight I witnessed the biggest dog poop LEFT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AISLE in LOWES. Some say that MOST owners would’ve cleaned it up. But I saw tonight what happens when someone is not responsible.

Other customers shouldn’t have to deal with the sanitation risks that come with allowing pets in Lowes. Workers walked right past it , and I actually went to them TWICE to get them to clean it. 3-This is not sanitary!!!! Pets can carry diseases and parasites.

AND some owners are NOT responsible and do not seek vet care for prevention. I do not want my child to ride in a cart and expose them to PARASITES through no fault of ours!!! Disgusting!!!!

Lowes IS NOT A DOG PARK!!!! It is ridiculous that pets are allowed !!!

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3 - Shop somewhere else!


What about the unwashed masses who don't believe in personal hygiene? Should they be banned from Lowe's as well?

Personally, I am always delighted to see a cute doggie in a store. I used to bring one into stores myself, and I got 99% positive reactions.


I bet 90% of dogs that walk in are more well behaved than your children. A little bit of dog poop is nothing to handle after dealing with hearing your screaming kids for 8 hours.


I don't want kids in the stores, does that mean we can ban them too?


No, they need to have a no pet hater policy.

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