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Lowes in Carson City, Nevada - Dishwasher

Ordered a Samsung dishwasher on line on 7/25/16. Website specifies "free local delivery" . OK. 2 days after I placed the order I fond out that my CC has already been charged for the amount. During this time I did not receive any calls or e-mails. I called the store 3 or 4 times until I was able to talk to a receptionist. I got transferred to Appliances and after 8 or 10 rings back to the receptionist. This went back and forth couple of times. Receptionist took my name and was told I will get a call back. Nope. I called next day and got a hold of customer service. Was told my appliance is scheduled to arrive on the 29th and I will be notified immediately. I inquired as to why my CC was already charged and was told this is the procedure when they order from the manufacturer. And I thought they are retail. No call on the 29th. I called and left a contact #. Got a call back in about 2 hours and was told the appliance arrived; but, if I want to get it quickly I should come and pick it up myself. Not funny. I opted for delivery and was told they'll not be able to deliver until 8/7/16. Again, not funny. This is the first and last time I will purchase anything form Carson City Lowe's. This is probably the worst customer service I ever encountered
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You didn't purchase it from the store, you purchased it online. That is like buying it at one store and wanting it delivered by another. Things would have gone a lot smoother for you if you had actually gone to the store and made the purchase there.

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  • Poor customer service
  • Cc charged 2 weeks before product is scheduled for delivery
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Poor customer service
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Let the company propose a solution

Lowes in Carson City, Nevada - Never again from Lowe's

Huh?! Purchased was made on line from LOWE's. I did not purchase from a third party just to be delivered by Lowe's. Looks like it may have to do with the sales person comission. It makes it look like Carson City Lowe's employees hedge their commission against customer satisfaction And one more thing. We got a call on August 6th and were told that the item I ordered is badly damaged and it cannot be delivered. I cancelled the order. But now I cannot find this item at this price anywhere else. It is $100 more. So... because of the boondoggling jogb done by Lowe's I will now have to spend $107.60 more "Thank you" Lowe's. Atta boy!
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Poor customer service
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Improve on line ordering and customer service

Lowes will not repair/reimburse repair costs for delivery damage

This involves the Reno, NV Lowes. We recently moved to Reno last year, and the house we rented needed a fridge. So we purchased a 21 CF Fridge from Lowes on 7/1/07 to be delivered the following week. The delivery crew as nice enough, but when they brought it in the misjudged the turn to the Kitchen and the guy put his hand through the corner of the wall. He was ok (scraped up), and told me to contact Lowes that they would pay for repair. The damage left *** in the drywall, warped metal on the rounded corner so it bulged out at the site of impact and of course the paint & texture was wrecked. I contacted Lowes the same day was given to a "manager" named Jodi. She was out the day of the accident but called me the next day, and arranged to come out the morning after that (2 days after the incident) to verify the damage and took pictures with her camera phone. She saw the damage and told me that I would need to get it fixed and Lowes would reimburse me. I asked for a recommendation, but this lady told me she could not give me one but to use one of the laborers working on the new home developments and just bring the receipt in to the store. After not being able to find a licensed individual to fix the wall and no further assistance from Lowes for 3 months even though we inquired about any paperwork, etc that might need to be filled out and being told there was none. We also own parrots, and have to be mindful of fumes from the paint, etc (at the time of the accident the birds were not yet with us so if it could have been repaired then it would have been better if Lowes had been cooperative). Fast forward to earlier this month, we are moving and gave notice to the landlord, which means that we had to get the wall fixed. Saw an ad on tv for a licensed handyman - he came out last week saw the damage and fixed it the next day for a total cost $250 for materials and labor. I contacted Lowes and brought the receipt in to the store that afternoon. They took a copy of the receipt, my phone number, and said the "manager" would contact me when they came in the next day. Next day came without contact - so I stopped at the store. I had to ask the customer service area to find someone, and they found me Carol, who claimed to be the only female manager at the store for the past several years and that Jodi was in installation but not a manager. She had gotten the receipt and claimed to have tried to call me but no one answered (I checked my messages later and Caller ID but there was no call ever made). She didn't seem to believe my story and was very condescending (called me sweetheart and honey several times) saying that I needed to find my paperwork, etc because she would have to try to find it and that would take a few days if she did it. Just as she was blowing me off, Jodi happened to walk by and acknowledged that she remembered me and even described the home to Carol. Carol then told me that I still needed to get her my receipt so she could prove I was a customer and they could find my claim, even though Jodi told her no claim was ever opened. After the holiday last week, I went through my files and found the receipt. I called Carol this morning, and gave her the invoice number, which she claimed did not come up in the system. So I had to drive to the store to give her the receipt so she could make a copy. She started giving me the runaround that the cost of the fix was higher than Lowes would pay and that I would need to give them the amount I would be willing to take upfront to expedite my claim. Then she asked me for the receipt for the repair, which I didn't have on me at the time (it's in my husband's car which is in the shop). I told her she had a copy already, and then she told me that they had sent it on to the claim section to see if I had a claim open and that it was gone. She told me to go home and get my receipt for the repair after filling out the claim paperwork and said she would not send it in. She also tried to say at the claim was just for damage to the drywall, which was not the case and I had to correct her. Getting fed up with the runaround from Carol, I called Lowes Customer Care number, and they informed me that she is just an administrator not a manager. The manager is Mike, who has never spoken with me. They also told me that I don't have to give a lower number that I'm willing to take to expedite my claim and that the investigation would have to run its course before they contact me about money. Essentially, after over a year of this, the Reno Lowes has behaved in bad faith by misleading me, lying to me several times, and refusing to do any work to set things right all to get out of filing a claim and having it on their record. They're employees are liars and will not allow you to speak to management at all and pretend to be management rather than have you speak to one. Beware of this store and its employees.
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get over it and go complain to your birds K


There is such a thing as a licensed "handyman".He has limited jobs and has to have Ins.


I used to work at Lowes. Per Lowes own procedures, the management is supposed to open a claim after any damage and have their investigators contact you before anything is repaired.

So their failure to file definitely delayed, and because you got it repaired before they investigated, expect them to refuse to pay.

At least you were able to get it repaired even it does cost you at least you know. Also, to karin - I think they are referring to a licensed contractor rather than an actual "handyman" - it sounds like this person doesn't know much about home repair or terminology.


There is really no excuse for waiting so long to get your wall fixed. There is no such thing as a licensed "handyman" anyway.

You should have had it fixed immediately and not waited so long. You are lucky the same people even still work there

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