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First, I had to wait for a whole week without a refrigerator, then they wanted to deliver later than the stated time after I told them I had a very important appointment, then when it gets here, it's the wrong thing! It was supposed to have glass shelves, but this one had wire shelves...I specifically picked this one because of the glass shelves!!

You bet I'm pissed, and when I called to complain, the twit didn't like my language, so I demanded to speak to her supervisor, and she hung up on me!

You can't expect people to be calm when you screw up the simplest order, not to mention make them wait for so long. If I'd known someone with a pick up, I'd have gotten it myself, then again, I'd have bought one closer to home, AT HOME DEPOT!!!!

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If I were a Lowe's delivery manager, I would make sure that I had the right refrigerator on my truck if it had to go 60 miles.


YOU screw up and you want people to be HAPPY with you? I'm guessing you, like others commenting like you, work for one of these monkey outfits.

Awka, Anambra, Nigeria #280031

If you can't call and act like a rational adult on the phone don't expect much help from the folks on the other end. No one needs to listen to someone swearing at them on the other end of the phone. I'd hang up on you too.


Because the fridges at HD were about $100+ more, and their 'free delivery' only extended 25 miles, and the nearest one is 35 miles, the only one for 60 miles from us.


Man, that just plain sucks. Why didn't you buy the fridge at Home Depot in the first place?

Did Lowe's have a better selection of appliances? From what I know, every store (be it Home Depot or Lowe's) is different - it's the people that run it is what makes the difference.

I'm sure that you would have gotten better service had this particular store had a high % of staff that are knowledgeable and professional.

Really though, your probably choosing the lesser of two evils by going with HD.

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