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We purchased what the sales rep said to be a top of the line Maytag washer from the Rock Hill SC store.While I realize there is only a one year manufacturers warranty,what they don't tell you is that the item could have been sitting in the store for six months.The time that the machine sits in the store comes off of the warranty time My machine has roared from day one.We just thought that it was normal.A friend heard the machine while we were talking on the phone & told me that the bearrings were going out. This machine is barely over a year old.We called the Rock Hill store where the machine was purchased but was told there was nothing they could do.They referred us to a Maytag repair person who informed us that the manufacturers warranty is from the date the machine was built.So now we are SOL.Even if it had been less than a year since the date of purchase the manufacturers warranty would have already been out.

It seems just another tactic to get you to purchase the extended warranty.That is misleading the consumers. I will NEVER purchase another item from Lowes.

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My washer never spinned correctly but has been stoping in cyle. While talking to a repairman he said any machine with an electrinic keybord will cost $400.00 to fix.

He did not recomend buying the $200.00 park & doing it yourself.

He is getting lots of repairs to the new design washers with the european design top loaders that spin in a circle.

Both models save you money in the long run but 1 lost 1 machine (6 hrs old) to an electric surge repair of $400.00 This current is only 5 yrs old. What savings.


"common sense" is right. I bought a fridge from Best Buy.

I had it for nine months. The first they asked was if I had my reciept. I had misplaced it. They said they would need it for warranty work to be done.

They said they could still send their "geek squad" crew out for service, but without proof of purchase, there would be an $85 service fee applied. I was not able to find the receipt, but was not about to pay that much for a service fee. I checked thru the phone book and cheapest service I could find from repair companies in my area was $75.

After part and labor, the total cost was $189. So good luck at finding a place that won't do the same


:sigh save your receipt. Your warranty begins on the date listed on your receipt.

products are made to tear up these. that's not the retailer's fault. they can only sell what is given to them. the 20-30 machines that were made in 60's,70's, anda 80's are no longer made.

save your receipt. the main problem is people think retailers can save their sells information indefintely. that is not so. as far as warrranties, they are worth their weight in gold.

one service call could cost as much as the warranty. no washer is perfect. you might the cheapest washer on the sales floor and could last longer than the most expensive one. it's the luck of draw.

anytime people are involved in making something, chances are good that bad machines will make it through. Lowe's in no different than the other retailers. buy your next appliance at Sears and you'll wish you had went back to Lowe's. Believe me, I know now.

Look at warranties like car insurance. you pay and pay for years and never use it and start reflecting about what you could have done with those thousands of dollars you gave the insurance company.

the next day you have a car wreck and get sued for tens of thousands of dollars or more. all of a sudden you're not reflecting as much as you were


usually you have to register your product with the purchase date, which is almost always when your warrantee begins. The important part is to register your ownership, otherwise they DO use the date of manufacture. you could argue your case with your reciept with maytag

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Why are you blaming Lowes for your problem?

They didn't build your washing machine. Why should they be responsible for the warranty?

It is a Maytag product and they are responsible for the warranty, you should be upset with Maytag if you are going to be upset with anyone. It could have been sitting in Maytag's warehouse for 6 months as well.

You stated that the machine "roared" from day 1. Why the heck didn't you get it looked at right away?

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