Melrose, Massachusetts
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Living in a home with an outdated kitchen for years sucks. We finally decided to remodel and chose Lowes.

Big mistake! There is terrible communication between the customer, Lowes, and contractor. Workers do not ever show up on time, and are not reliable. They never come prepared.

Lowes wil never call you to tell you when they are coming and if you call to ask they give you an attitude and make you wait half an hour for a call back. I could go on forever..bottom line? They suck!

If you need something done within reasonable time, and with friendly workers who show up on time, Lowes is not an option. Theyre horrible management, communication and employees make for a remodeling nightmare.

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You got off easy! I don't have enough time left in my life to talk about how bad lowes is!

Going through kitchen remodel now with them and really wished we didn't.

Costing way more than supposed to and nothing is going right. Thinking of getting legal help!


Every city is different, since you are talking different contractors. I can only give my experience with the Pasadena, TX store.

Overall, I am delighted with my project. I had my kitchen completely redone. I did the initial removal, emptying the room of cabinets, countertops and linoleum flooring. I made some electrical fixes and got the sheetrock in good shape.

I took my own carefully thought out plan into the store, made adjustments due to availability and ideas from displays. Contractors from Lowes put in the custom made cabinets, countertop and ceramic tiles. I have no complaints about any of it, very professionally and quickly done, my kitchen transformed from ugly to beautiful. I got good prices and the entire job came in at about $12,000.

If you are thinking about using Lowe's here, I give my complete endorsement of the place. This was not an overnight project, took about 6 weeks total, but that must be expected.


Wow, our kitchen remodel went off without a hitch, I was impressed in how they coordinated everything and every one. I received a broken door on one of the cabinets and was no problem getting a replacement.

The sales staff was very cortious and kind always.

I guess the store here, 1081 lakewood wa, must be staffed better. Would I recommend Lowes in the future, absolutely!

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