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Lowes in Denville, New Jersey - Lowe's door installation

I had a Pella door with sidelights installed by the Riverdale, NJ Lowe's store this summer. After the installer put it in, there were numerous defects in the door, including finish applied unevenly, a brush hair in the finish, hinge pin dented, door was misaligned. The subcontractor who put it in was totally incompetent. He installed the lock upside down, didn't realize that the lockset had a second handle, so you could only open the door by pulling up on the handle, storm door was misaligned. He also chipped the door jamb, when he chiseled out *** for the deadbolt then re-glued it on, and left it that way. I'm also still waiting for the door sweep to be delivered and installed on the storm door. Lowe's finally re-ordered the center door only and sent someone who knows something to reinstall it. $4800.00 later, and the door still leaks cold air out of one corner.I agreed to live with a chip in the jamb if they refunded me some money. Lowes functions, in my opinion, like a poorly run junior high school. As soon as there is a problem, they don;t want to know you.They yes you to death, then never follow up with anything they are supposed to do unless you nag the *** out of them. They save money by hiring the worst of the worst bottom feeders to do their installs-At least this was my experience. I will never do business with them again with an installation, only small purchases (tools, etc)
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Don't even bother shopping for a door at Lowes; it is evident that they are not capable to handle this kind of work. Examples:

* Lowes didn't even contact me when special order door was delivered to store - I had to call them after 6 weeks meanwhile it was sitting with them for 2 weeks

* Contractor came and measured but did not call me back with an install date - I had to call the store again after another month and eventually they switched contractors

* Second contractor was no better (Baymen on Long Island)...

Came to install door without looking at job and said they were not prepared to install door and needed more they left the door in my garage and said they would be back shortly

* Another month goes by (no I'm not exaggerating) and no word from Baymen or Lowes of Bay Shore. During this time I had several conversations with managers and sales reps with the store and although professional they could not provide me with why it's taking three months to install two doors * Finally after 3 plus months I get a message on my machine from the store saying that the contractor deemed the job out of the scope of Lowes capability?! Uh, WHAT?! First of all why wait so long to tell me that if you knew that when you tried to install the door weeks ago?!

Also why did the first contractor approve the job while the second is saying it's out of Lowes' scope? Someone is wrong!

Terrible credibility from Lowes and the contractors they employ not to mention the aggravation and total lack of communication with me about absolutely everything relating to this job except for processing my credit card for payment. Consider yourself warned - DO NOT USE LOWES FOR DOORS!


I had a very similar experience with a door from Lowe's. Even worse.

To give you an idea: the installer showed up, claimed that his car had broken down and therefore had no tools. NONE. I was not at home but my wife was. He borrowed from her a hammer and a screwdriver and proceeded to cut the trim by hammering the screwdriver into it!!!!!!

Needless to say the results were catastrophic. We tried to get some money back from Lowe's without any success.

The Lowe's installation service is simply worthless. You might as well take your chances with any carpenter and avoid the middleman.


I would have to say that Lowe's will stand behind their installs, you may have to just talk to the right person. As with any contractor, some are good and some are bad, some workers are good and some don't care if they are bad, etc.

Those bad ones get weeded out pretty quickly via the customer feedback surveys at Lowe's.

Most of the door installers in my area are small companies that are owner operated and they strive for and delivery very good work. At least that is those that have been around for any length of time, which just about all of us have...

I'd have to say that Lowe's pays above average on door work, but it used to be a little better.


you're better off calling a family oriented contractor with many years of experience.

i don't care if H.D. or lowes says their installer are certified. Don't mean ***.

They are low paid to work for lowes and many of them are butchers or down on their luck

you'll know better next time

call a local contractor to install, NOT lowes or homedepo

I've been doing this for 25 years. I'm one of the best carpenters on the face of the earth. i love this stuff, it's my passion and i know what i'm talking about


no kiding , who played who exactly if the screw wasnt a big deal then why are you being such a little girl, the screws they send out with those things are made of melted down subaru's and you were not watching so how hard was he torqueing it , the installers who put those things in make 112.00 per door give or take and the box store makes around 25 to 35 % on top . so think about it if your auto mech.

breaks the bolt on your carb who pays? thank god they have a list for @&#% hole's like you



I had a similar experience w/Lowe's. Had a Pella storm door installed.

A couple weeks after install, I noticed a screw head laying on the door jam. The installer had put a screw in crooked which is supposed to hold the bottom trim on. When it wouldn't go it, he torqued it really hard and broke the head and walked away. I was a little annoyed at this but still no big deal.

It's a 10 cent screw and a 5 minute job. Over the next 3 weeks, I repeatedly tried to get Lowe's to take care of it. I talked to the store 4 times and the installer 3 times. Each time, they were ordering something, something got lost, somebody forgot, etc.

If I was talking to the store, it was the installers fault, if the installer, it was the stores fault. To date, no fix but lots of blame. This was a $300 storm door.

This year we are planning new wood floors, kitchen remodel and/or two bathrooms. I know who won't be bidding on the job.


:) Yes you would be better off with

The Home Depot

They hire Sub-Contractors :grin

Certified Installer


i worked for home cheapo for 18 yrs..their installers are just as much butchers as lowes...hire from outside of these butcher shops..ask friends etc these idiots are the ones that can't make it in the real world


A brush hair in the finish eh.?

Strange since the doors were sprayed.

Hinge pin dented eh?

Cold air through the corner eh?

Accepted discount Eh?

Who played who?

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Lowes in New Brunswick, New Jersey - Very rude, abusive, unprofessional, disrespecful delivery driver

1. Please educate your delivery personnel. Experienced a very bad attitude of the delivery guy. 2. When an agent does a home delivery ( from any company); he or she knocks on the door and makes sure of the items and for the correct address and the correct receiver. Plus after the delivery, he has to get a signature of the customer. No such thing happened. He dumped the stuff at the wrong address. The driver refused to bring it to my house. 3. Yes, mistakes do happen...everybody makes a mistake construction worker and his son had to pick the heavy stuff with their own hands from the wrong address and put it into their own truck themselves. The driver not only refused to bring it to my house, but did not even help moving the stuff...And now there may be even some items missing, which have to be figured out... and would let the company know, if so. This is just so unprofessional and disrespectful. 4. I do have to say that your salesperson 5. Yuri is a very respectful and a pleasant person.
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